Travel Writer And Intrepid Traveller Victoria Ugarte

Victoria Ugarte, Author, Corporate Culture and Travel Specialist, is becoming known around the world as one of the most recognized faces of travel and culturally correct behavior.
Her journey to this acclaim started in her country of birth, and childhood, in the Philippines. Raised in Manila in the 1960s, Victoria’s father, publisher of former newspaper, The Philippines Herald, regularly interacted with foreign dignitaries, businessmen, and expatriates from all over the world, giving Victoria the opportunity to form solid friendships with people from different nationalities. Being blessed with such a diverse and colorful group of friends, Victoria was exposed to different languages, customs, and cuisines from an early age, giving her the feeling of belonging to the world. At the age of eight, she was bitten by the travel bug when she traveled to Madrid with her family, where she connected with her Spanish roots, and lived for several months.

After migrating to Australia with her family in the 70s, fashion and travel became synonymous with Victoria’s career. With over 25 years in the Australian fashion industry, Victoria traveled regularly all over Australia and the world on business, dipping into wonderful and exotic places, as well as more traditional destinations, interacting with people from a wide variety of cultures. After the Global Financial Crisis of 2007, Victoria felt it was time to hang up her fashion hat and focus on her dual passions, traveling and writing. 

Ever inspired by the spirit of adventure of her muse, Amelia “Millie” Earhart, Victoria established her widely popular travel blog in 2008, Postcards From Millie. In 2012, she updated her website to further cater to the needs of the passionate traveler and called it She continues to spend 3 months out of each year traveling the world, keeping her readers posted on exciting destinations, the latest travel tips, and inspiring them to “Explore. Discover. Live.” 
Based in Sydney, Australia, Victoria has authored several books with Amazon, including Kindle best seller, “Losing Sight Of The Shore” and “Culture Savvy for Women.” She regularly publishes travel articles for Her Magazine (NZ) and Pink (NZ). You can find Victoria, wherever she is in the world, by going to or her Amazon author’s link on  

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“Travel is not just a great pleasure but also a privilege. A successful trip depends
equally on the preparation that we make ahead of the trip as well as the precautions
we take while we are on our journey.”

- Victoria

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“I believe that we travel primarily to reconnect with our ‘Self’. Travel allows us to put
some distance between us and the stresses of everyday life. It provides us with the
means to recharge our batteries and gain a fresh perspective on life.”

- Victoria

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