Octave Rooftop Bar, Bangkok
Bangkok’s 7 Best Rooftop Bars

Bangkok is one of the world’s best cities when it comes to rooftop bars. The warm climate, the high rise buildings and the large amount of luxurious hotels helps to contribute to this. The crew from The Rooftop Guide are traveling around the world to find the best places to drink with a view. They have been to more than 500 rooftop bars around the world. Here’s the 7 best rooftops in BKK. For a complete list, check out over 30 of the rooftop bars in Bangkok.

1) Octave:
If you’re looking for a fantastic 360-degree view, you have come to the right place. Amazing skyline views at a high altitude. The terrace consists in 3 floors with lots of seating’s and lounge areas. The best time to come here is during late afternoon for some afternoon cocktails and dinner. The food is delicious and so is the drinks.

2) Above 11:
A perfect place to visit if you like to party with a view. The décor on the terrace is very cool with trees and here you probably have the best toilet view in all of Bangkok. With amazing skyline views, tasty food from a Peruvian/Japanese kitchen and a festive atmosphere, this is a place you must visit when in Bangkok.

3) Three Sixty:
Maybe the coolest view in all of Bangkok. Magnificent and beautiful at the same time. The terrace is furnished with large and comfortable lounge sofas pointing at the same way as the view. As the name of the bar suggests, you’ll get a 360 degree view from here. The terrace consists in 2 areas. One lounge area and one Jazz area. In other words, you’ll have a nice evening here both if you’re looking for a more festive feeling as for the more relaxed atmosphere. 

4) Red Sky:
If you put high value in delicious food and good service, this is the rooftop to visit for you. The atmosphere here is super nice and the waiters are very attentive. Just sit down and enjoy the tasty food with the 360 degree view over Bangkok’s mighty skyline. Also a perfect place to come to is you just want to have some evening cocktails with your friends or loved one.

5) Sirocco and Sky Bar:
Famous for being in the movie “The Hangover 2”. And maybe one of the world’s most famous rooftop bars. Much because of the luxurious décor and fantastic views. You really feel like you’re on top of the world when entering the terrace. The downside with Sirocco and Sky Bar is the enormous popularity it has. The place is always packed with tourists.

6) Vertigo at Banyan Tree:
As many other rooftops on this list, Vertigo has a superb 360-degree view from the 61 st floor. Except the view this roof terrace can also boost with super good food and a lots of cocktails, champagnes and other beverages. Make sure to book your table in advance to be guaranteed a seat here. Even though the prices are quite high, Vertigo is definitely worth a visit.

7) Cielo Skybar:
This is the rooftop bar to visit if you don’t want to spend a fortune, but still get tasty cocktails, amazing skyline views and comfortable seating’s. There are plenty of front row seats here in form of sofas, tables and chairs. A perfect place to visit for some evening drinks before going out on a party or late dinner.

Based in Sweden, guest contributors Hans Ebenman and Rikard Fredricson have traveled the world and visited more than 500 rooftop bars in the last 2 years. Checking out the best establishments, chatting with bar managers, trying out signature cocktails, and swimming in rooftop pools in their quest to find the perfect rooftop bar, they invite travellers from around the world to hang out with them at their website and go bar hopping with them.

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