Best Tips On Getting Married Overseas

Whether it be an intimate beach ceremony or tying the knot at a Las Vegas wedding chapel, more couples are foregoing the traditional wedding at home in favor of getting married overseas. Here are a few tips that will ensure your wedding day will be remembered for all the right reasons:

1. Choose Your Destination. What sort of a wedding experience do you want? Will family and friends be attending? What is your budget? After deciding on a destination, your next step is to contact the embassy or consulate of that country to establish the exact requirements for your wedding.

2. Do your research. As well as needing to comply with that country’s marriage laws, you will need to comply with your own country’s marriage laws to ensure that you will legally married upon your return home. Do your research and find out exactly what the legal requirements are before booking anything. Your travel agent may already have all these details.

3. Factor In Timing. Every country has different time requirements prior to the actual wedding date. e.g. the United States has no waiting period for marriage. However, in the Cook Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and Malaysia, you need to arrive at least three working days before the wedding. In Mauritius, you are required to lodge your paperwork at least two months prior to your wedding day.  

4. Bring Correct Paperwork. Some countries may ask you to show proof that you are free to marry, which means you must bring with you a divorce decree if you have been divorced or a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage. For a religious wedding, you may be asked to show an original birth certificate, immunization records or religious documents. It pays to have the right paperwork ready to present to the appropriate authorities when you arrive at your destination. 

5. Notify Family and Friends. Once you’ve sorted out the dates and destination, send out a “save the date” notice at least 6 months in advance to friends and family. This gives them plenty of time to organize their own travel plans.

6. When You Don’t Want To Bother With Legalities. If overseas legalities are all a bit much for you, then why don’t you get your Marriage Certificate at home first then hold your own wedding ceremony and reception at your chosen destination.

7. Engage A Reputable Wedding Planner. Professional wedding planners, especially those specializing in overseas weddings, can arrange the marriage legalities as well as organize an unforgettable wedding experience for you. With wedding packages ranging from the simple to the exotic and bizarre, depending on your budget and taste, getting your wedding professionally coordinated and managed can go a long way in taking the headache out of your big day.

Here are some reputable wedding organizers who can help you with your big day: