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Giving Birth To An Idea

I’ve just received an email from Nancy Renner of the Chocolate Turtle B&B in Corrales, New Mexico, sharing with me the news that she and husband Dallas had just welcomed a grand-daughter - great news! To top it off, Trip Advisor awarded them one of the Top 10 B&Bs in the US, and in November, received a Top 10 ranking by BedandBreakfast.com.

“Where have you been?”, her email short of asked. “Should I be receiving your newsletters automatically or do I have to do something to get them?”  

No, Nancy, you don’t need to do a thing. I’ve been right here all along and very hard at work. It feels like I too have been in labour pains for the past 12 months!

You see, my first dream was to become a published author by 2012. I typed solidly from my studio in Sydney, day in and day out, whenever I wasn’t traveling, completing 3 books by November 2011. Focused and single minded, I pounded that keyboard like a demon until the muscles in my shoulders turned rock hard. And when I finished, I discovered to my amazement that the writing was only half of the equation. The books had to be professionally edited and the artwork for the covers (front and back) needed to be designed. And then the decision of how I wanted to make them available - Hard copy? Yes. Kindle? Definitely - different formatting was needed for each. Back to the drawing board again.

And just like a new life being born, all my fears and insecurities around inadequacy and lack of self worth came flooding in at different times, the waves of panic attempting to sabotage the natural rhythm of my work. As one stage of the process was completed, I moved on to the next, the contractions getting closer as the birthing date drew near. Momentum building, backwards and forwards she went, only to subside again into another false start. Frustration, anguish, then the pushing starts all over again, until progress is made, awaiting for the pathway to clear.

Today, I finally completed a milestone. I handed over 3 of my books for publication in February:
  • Travel Bible For Women: A Complete Guide To Safe & Smart Travel
  • Culture Savvy For Women: A Complete Guide To Culturally Correct Behavior Around The World
  • Discover Sydney’s Bondi Beach: A Guide For Fashionistas & Foodies
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a published author but didn't know where to start?

Is the whole process of publishing overwhelming you and stopping you from taking that first step?

Do you think that perhaps you may not be good enough?

Don't worry. I went through all these anxieties myself. Yup, each and every one of them.

Let me show you what helped me get through the process of writing and publishing. In fact, I swear by it. Steven Lewis'  ' Taleist: Helping Writers Become Published Authors'. 

And as for my second dream, to create a one-stop shop for the passionate traveler, let’s just say that there’s a very BIG surprise in store for you!!

In the meantime, Congratulations, Nancy & Dallas Renner and Chocolate Turtle!

Safe Travels,


Posted by Victoria Ugarte on 16th February, 2012 | Trackbacks
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