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It's Time To Say Goodbye

I’ve been looking forward to this day with about as much enthusiasm as the end of a holiday romance... you know the one. The first flush of love has you exploring different landscapes, literally and figuratively. You became exposed to different experiences, and learn more about yourself than at any other time of your life. But you know in your heart that at some point you have to move on... that’s how it has been for me in my love affair with my travel website, Postcards From Millie. An adventure, a learning curve, at times a roller coaster ride. And finally after 3 years, it is time to say goodbye.

Why?”, you ask.

Starting out out as a vehicle where I could express my passion for travel, Postcards From Millie gave me the opportunity to write about my own travel experiences; the things I did, the people I met, the funny things that happened to me along the way. It was all about ME. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I attracted and entertained like-minded readers who enjoyed and identified with what I had to say. But like a love affair that has outgrown its purpose, I began to see that I wasn’t really identifying the needs of my readers.  

The good news is that after 3 years, I have grown up. My mind-set has shifted from a focus on ME to a focus on my readers. I wanted to learn what made the passionate traveler tick and to find out what I could do to make their travel experience more comfortable, pleasurable, memorable.

I wanted a site that could provide even more travel tips and travel resources that would ease the pain and hassle of organizing a trip, so that all my readers had to do was Explore, Discover, Live.

I also wanted a site that was fresh as a breath of ocean air and visually beautiful, easy to navigate, and able to showcase the best of what our spectacular world had to offer.

In a nutshell, I wanted a one-stop-shop for the passionate traveler.

And after many months of hard word, I believe we - yes, there was a wonderful and very talented team behind this - have achieved an amazing result. Allow me to introduce my new love, ExploreMyWorldTravel.com.

I invite you to check it out and send in your comments!

As your Bonus for paying ExploreMyWorldTravel.com a visit, I am giving away an eBook that is very close to my heart, entitled:

How To Enrich Your Life Through Travel: Better Your Life By Connecting With Your Inner Gypsy.”

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Posted by Victoria Ugarte on 18th February, 2012 | Trackbacks
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