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I'm A Twitter Dunce

5 September, 2012 -  As I fitfully write this blog, I realise that I’m a Twitter Dunce *hangs head in shame*.

Sitting in the Red Room at the Sydney Writers‘ Centre at Milson’s Point on Tuesday night - a writing school with this kind of harbour view has gotta be doing alright - listening to Kerri Sackville’s Twitter class (or should I say #KerrisTwitterClass), I came to the realisation that not only have I been stumbling in the dark on Twitter but moving in treacle.

Since this phenomenon called Twitter has taken the quantum universe by storm, I wanted to be one of those people that "twittered" on my iPhone at cafes, typing out a message to subscribers who inhabit the world of blogs, URLs and spheres. So I signed up 2 years ago and thought I was doing OK. Until Kerri’s Twitter class. Still, there were a couple in the class that hadn’t even signed up for a Twitter account so I was still ahead - just.

Over 2 entertaining hours, we listened in rapt attention as Kerri Sackville explained the ins and out of Twitter etiquette, kinda like the June Dally-Watkins of cyber space, albeit with a few expletives thrown in. Here’s what I learnt in the class:
  • I learnt that my site ‘wallpaper‘ looks like a dog’s breakfast.
  • While I thought it a great ideas at the time, my Twitter handle @ExploreLive is highly ineffective. See, @ExploreMyWorld was already taken and @ExploreDiscoverLive (my catchcry) was too bloody long. As it turns out, I should have just used my name!
  • I learnt in Kerri’s Twitter Class that not only should I Tweet liberally, but have fun doing it. Lordy, I have enough trouble fitting in my blogging, book writing, article writing, Newsletters and Press Releases, not to mention spending time with my husband. Hmm, I might be able to squeeze my Tweeting in between ‘Newsletter on Tuesday’, ‘Press Release at 4 pm’, dinner and ‘spend time with Peter’.
  • here's one of my favorite bits - I also learnt how to block and report as spam those idiots that send me links without a message or stuff like ‘just saw you nude’ or 'someone's talking about you' with a link attached. Serves you right, you morons.
  • I learnt about hashtags (#atMyStudio) and asterisks (*head on desk in frustration*)
But the best bit about the class was finding out about new urban slang words:

Wtf - what the f**k
idc - I don’t care
g2g - got to go
Lmao - laughing my @ss off
rotlmao - rolling on the floor laughing my head off
nmu - not much you?
5FS - five finger salute

And so, my fellow Twitter mates, allow me to apologise for not responding to your DM’s straight away, and not returning the compliment on #FF when you kindly mentioned @ExploreLive. You’re tweeting to a novice here.

Thanks to Kerri’s Twitter Class, I might develop some cyber manners over the next few weeks. 

In the meantime, BFN, g2g and CU on Twitter!

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