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Our New England Journey: Discovering Mystic

3 Oct 2012 - Mystic River, a Hollywood movie directed by Clint Eastwood.... Mystic River, three childhood friends reunited after a brutal murder takes place..... Mystic River, a quiet life that harbors some disturbing secrets.... I’m embarrassed to say that this was as much as I knew about this quaint little town in Connecticut prior to visiting. Except the purists will tell you that the town of Mystic does not really exist.

The village of Mystic, Connecticut is located on the Mystic River which flows into Long Island Sound, providing access to the sea. For this reason it was established in the 19th century for the primary purpose of shipbuilding. Never recognized as a legal municipality, Mystic is located within the towns of Groton (west of the Mystic River, and also known as West Mystic) and Stonington (east of the Mystic River). 

Apart from it's charm and its historic significance, Mystic is a thriving hub of commerce, offering an array of charming boutiques, as well as a list of major draw cards:  

* The Bascule Bridge is a small wonder, and so much more than just a means to walk across to the many shops and restaurants on the either side of Mystic. Schedule a few minutes to watch the spectacle and take some pictures when you hear the alarm signaling that the bridge will raised so that some magnificent taller ships can sail through. The drawbridge is still raised hourly and on request. 

* The Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration is home to over twelve thousand weird and wonderful marine specimens, including penguins, sea lions, piranhas, and the only Beluga whales in New England.

* Mystic Seaport, also known as the Museum of America & the Sea, encompasses more than sixty buildings that house old-style workshops and stores reflecting life in a nineteenth century seafaring village. In the Preservation Shipyard, you can watch the restoration and maintenance of a vast collection of wooden ships, among them the 1841 Charles W. Morgan, the last wooden whaling ship in the world.

* The Mystic River Historic District, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 24, 1979, includes many buildings from the 19th century. It covers properties along Route 1, West Mystic Avenue, Route 215, High Street, Pearl Street, and Cliff Street. According to the 1979 National Register nomination, the importance of the district “... derives from the completeness of the 19th-century community here preserved.”   

In a tiny and tranquil town such as this, we were pleasantly surprised to find such a wide selection of fine restaurants. Here are our choices in order of preference:

  • S & P Oysters - S&P Oyster company has been serving guests for over 20 years and features front row seats to Mystic’s river and drawbridge. Chef Edgar Cobena and his team deliver brilliant traditional New England seafood with a South American flair, seven days a week. http://www.sp-oyster.com
  • Bravo Bravo - Bravo Bravo has spent the last 16 years dedicated to exceeding customers expectations. With a wall of large windows overlooking the main street in Mystic, diners watch the hustle of the world pass by while sipping on oversized martinis or exceptional wines and feasting on creative pastas, fresh fish and home made desserts that can only be described as Mystic International with an Italian bent. http://bravobravoct.com/bravobravo/index.shtml
  • Captain Daniel Packer Inne - The “DPI”, as it is affectionately referred to, was built on the Mystic River over 250 years ago. Square-rigger Captain Daniel Packer completed construction of the building bordering Water Street in 1756. From that time to the late 1900's the property remained in the Packer family and their descendants, The Keelers.  The Inne was restored in the 1980's by Richard and Lulu Kiley, and remains in the family today. With great service and an upscale menu, dining here will feel like you’ve stepped back in time. http://danielpacker.com

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