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Day 4: Au Revoir New York City

24 October, 2012 - On our last full day in New York City - and indeed anywhere in the Mainland for the next year or so - Peter and I were determined to have a completely spontaneous day. We owed this to ourselves after following a strict itinerary, planned with military precision, over the past 5 weeks and a half. Starting from our hotel in Washington Square Park, we hopped on the subway and got off at Central Park South. We walked, and we walked, and we walked - up and down Fifth Avenue, around in circles. Without direction or a plan. We chatted and reflected on our journey across New England, our triumphs and our mishaps. 

I had received some wonderful feedback along the way from readers who had faithfully followed our journey through my blog from the comfort of their armchair. I was touched. They particularly enjoyed reading about our stuff ups and how we overcame them.  I purposely write about the negatives during our travels, as well as the good stuff, as travel is not always romantic and idyllic. Reality finds you wherever you are. In travel as in life, one needs to maintain a spirit of adventure, stay humble, and be grateful. But most importantly,  one needs a very healthy sense of humor. I hope that my blog communicated that successfully.

And so it is at this point, as the Big Apple prepares itself for Halloween, that we bid this city, and the US Mainland, au revoir. We'll be back soon, to explore another undiscovered pocket (by us anyway) of your great country. In the meantime, we're off to sunny Honolulu for 4 days before heading back to the land Oz.

Posted by Victoria Ugarte on 24th October, 2012 | Trackbacks
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