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Travel & Write, Travel & Write: Why I Do What I Do

“Vic, why do you spend time writing your travel blogs? It doesn’t earn you anything!” Peter said some years back. 

“Because I love it. And it will one day give me enough material to publish a book.” I said.

And so I traveled and wrote, traveled and wrote, traveled and wrote .....

“Vic, why do you put so much time and energy into publishing your books if there’s no guarantee that they’ll sell?” Peter asked some time down the track.

“Because I love it. It’s always been my dream to publish books and one day I will inspire others to do the same.”

And so I traveled and wrote, traveled and wrote, traveled and wrote ..... 

Four books down the track, I began to receive frequent requests from other budding authors for help. I decided it was time to teach others how to self-publish. And so the "Joy Of Self-Publishing" was born, my all-day workshop which is supported by a 140-page manual. The workshop included the triumphs, the pitfalls, and the ins and outs of the self-publishing world, how to structure a book, how to present it successfully to the world, how to upload it on to Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace, and how to market it. Among other things. On Sunday, 20th October, I held my first workshop from my home studio. A small group of 4 ladies, it was a day jam packed with information and learning. And this, folks, is why I do what I do! As well as fulfilling my own dream, I pave the way for others to fulfil theirs. 

Here is what my group had to say about my workshop:

Kimberley Star: “Victoria takes the mystery out of self-publishing and gives clear and easy guidance for making your book a reality.”

Simonne Lee: “Vicky puts her heart and soul into sharing her knowledge and her experience in her workshop. Her detailed manual is brilliantly written and structured, and it just may become my writer’s bible!”

Patty Kikos: “Vicky is compassionate as she is thorough in her delivery of the course. Her humble nature ensures she has empathy for you irrespective of where you’re at in your self-publishing journey.”

Melody Green: “Victoria is an engaging workshop facilitator, and as an author of ebooks herself, an expert in the field. Informative content, delivered with a ‘take home’ resource manual made the course a great follow through map for my future ebooks.”

If you too want to turn your life’s work into print, drop me a line! My next course (in Sydney) is on 30 November 2013. Click Here to find out more.

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