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Scrap the New Year’s Resolutions, I’m Feeling Neutral

I am OVER the rah-rah, passionate rants that greeted the advent of 2014. With incessant talks of resolutions, feeling “blessed” and endless hear-me-roar postings on Facebook, why am I feeling so underwhelmed and neutral? Since when was I ever a cynic?

By this time last year, I’d completed a vision board, listed my goals for the next 12 months, charted a course, and ranted and raved about “passion” and “inspiration” with the best of them. Like the best laid plans of mice and men, they all went awry. In other words, nothing went according to plan. I hurtled through the year, skidded sideways and crashed. Several times. Then I got up and did it all over again. By December, I limped to the finish line and collapsed in a heap.  

I find myself in a different space at the start of this year. Clear eyed and neutral. While I’ve got my fair share of goals, I’m determined to remain flexible, enabling me to adjust to whatever curve balls life throws at me. Sure I have my hopes for the year, but I cannot control how it all pans out. All of a sudden, I’m loving the words that a dear friend, Melody, chose to start her year with: “softly” and “gently.”  

So here is what the last year has taught me:

1)  Any lamentations about one’s lot in life are about as useful as mudguards on a tortoise. Try a bit of gratitude instead. It is the mother of all virtues.

2)  Enough of the health/ wealth affirmations already. The Universe, in all its generosity and wisdom, lends a helping hand to those who don’t procrastinate and take affirmative action.

3)  Repeat after me: Respect and boundaries are the basis of any good relationship and “No” is a complete sentence.

Having said all that, my New Year's wish for you comes in the form of borrowed words from singer/ song writer, Brad Paisley: “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.” May you write a good one!

Posted by Victoria Ugarte on 10th January, 2014 | Trackbacks
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