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Oh, Little Town of Millthorpe (NSW)

Le Billot de Boucher, Victoria Street, Millthorpe (NSW)
After such a memorable weekend at Orange, we were not quite ready to head home to Sydney. Deciding at the last minute to spend a night at the Blue Mountains, our friend, Don recommended that we drive by the historic town of Millthorpe en route.

“Never heard of it,” we told him and “Trust me, it’s worth it,” he replied.

Driving along the Mitchell Highway, amidst tranquil rural landscape and gently rolling hills, we found ourselves dropping our speed 20 minutes later as Millthorpe’s deciduous trees welcomed us in all their spectacular Autumnal glory. Parking our car, our gazes swept over the tiny town with cobbled, bluestone bordered roads, a streetscape largely unchanged since the early 1900s.

Located in Central NSW, Millthorpe sits between Orange and Blayney. At the very heart of New South Wales’ fruit growing, cool wine, and truffle production region, it boasts a rich agriculture history that dates back to the pioneering days. In fact, the entire village of Millthorpe is classified by the National Trust. 

Stopping at the Millthorpe museum, we payed the $8 entry fee which enabled us to wander in and out of eight buildings within the museum complex, viewing a fascinating collection of artifacts, photographs and rural equipment from the town’s rural past. Taking a stroll around the streets of Millthorpe afterwards, we were surprised at the variety of restaurants, boutique shops and antique stores that generously peppered the town. Home to a vibrant community of local artists, Millthorpe is a virtual potpourri of creativity and diversity.

Halfway down appropriately named Victoria Street, we were visually pulled into boutique-cum-eatery Le Billot de Boucher (The Butcher's Block) by its sophisticated range of homewares and beautiful displays. Venturing further inside, we found ourselves in a charming dining area which looked out into a lovely decking and magical garden. Ordering a French onion soup, we relished it outside as we soaked up the Autumn sunshine -  Simple. Delicious. Perfect. - proving the point yet again that the best destinations are the little gems that you stumble upon on your way to somewhere else. 


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Posted by Victoria Ugarte on 16th May, 2016 | Trackbacks
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