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Healing at Saka (Kuta, Bali)

Saka Healing Center, Jl. Melasti No.116, Legian, Kuta
Day 4 in Bali.... While my sore throat had dissipated and I no longer had to hide behind my sunnies for fear of scaring the locals, my energy levels were at zero and I was still feeling fragile. Chatting with a couple from Perth at breakfast time, we learned of a “healing” centre in Legian called Saka Energy Healing which specialised, we were told, in reflexology and remedial massage. With a firm belief in both alternate modalities, Peter and I listened with interest.

“I would come to Bali just for this,” Lisa enthused. “One of the practitioners works on you for 30 minutes to open your energy meridians,” she said, referring to the ancient Chinese belief in the path through which the life- energy, known as ‘qi’, flows, “after which Master Billy comes in and works on your specific condition.”

Because “the Master gets booked very quickly”, we followed Lisa’s suggestion and confirmed our appointment immediately after breakfast. As it turned out, Saka Energy Healing was only 200 metres from our hotel.

For the uninitiated, the practice of Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, ears or face. With its origins going back to ancient Egypt, reflexologists believe that these areas of the body and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has a beneficial effect on the organs and person's general health. 

Peter and I have tried just about every form of remedial massage under the sun. Peter, especially, has high expectations of our practitioners. Plagued with a shoulder condition over several months, he exited from the cubicle after his session with two thumbs up. 

“These guys nailed it,Vic,” Peter said under his breath.

Stepping into one of the cubicles, I undressed to my undies and, draping a sarong across my back, I lay down on the massage bed. Surrendering myself to the magical healing fingers of my quiet, but extremely able, practitioner, he firmly and methodically kneaded the tension from my back, legs and shoulders. When he completed his task, he gently requested that I turn over. He then massaged the mid point of my heel and the webbing between the index finger and my thumb, which were surprisingly sore. With these areas relating to the area of digestion in reflexology, my guts gurgled away in appreciation. 

After opening my energy meridians, my practitioner slipped out to make room for Master Billy. Below average in height, he positively sparkled with vitality and was blessed with one of the kindest pair of eyes I have ever looked into. Bending over slightly, he gently asked what had been ailing me. I responded with a litany of complaints: constant tiredness, low energy, poor quality of sleep, pressure around the head. With a smile that crept into his voice and crinkled the corners of his eyes, he tapped the side of his temple and said three words, “Too much thinking.” He explained further, “Your heart is strong, you have a good heart, but you think too much! You push yourself too hard!” 

No truer words were ever spoken. What with my crazy schedule and unending multitasking in the month’s lead up to Bali, I had pushed my body and mind to exhaustion, continually ignoring their subtle cries for help. My self-care negligence had led to my own physical break down. Master Billy got to work, zeroing into the areas that needed his attention . After half an hour, I walked out of Saka feeling totally relaxed yet invigorated.

My verdict on Saka: As a result of my session at Saka, my circulation and energy levels definitely improved. While they offer manicures and pedicures, Saka Energy Healing is not about the self-pamper spa experiences that you will find in other establishments. The treatments offered at Saka are on another level entirely and they do charge accordingly. Are they worth it? From Peter’s and my perspective, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Saka Energy Healing
Melasti No.116, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali
Phone:+62 361 764426
Hours: Open 9am–11pm

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