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Fashion CEO Invites Us to Nurture, Nourish and Thrive in New Zealand’s North Island

Annah Stretton: Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author and Public Speaker
According to The Wall Street Journal, a Harvard Medical School study found that some 96% of senior leaders feel somewhat burned out, with a third describing their condition as ‘extreme’. This comes as little surprise to one of NZ's most successful fashion businesswoman Annah Stretton , who states: “I see senior leaders everywhere who are completely disconnected from the most precious thing in the world, their health and wellbeing. That is until a catalyst occurs, which is often too late.” Her desire to address this serious issue has led her to her newest venture, Te Atawhai Wholeness Retreat .

Founder of the largely successful Stretton Fashion Group, philanthropist, publisher, author and public speaker, Annah Stretton is no stranger to burning the candle on both ends. Driven to taking charge of her wellness after battling with her own health for 35 years, she had an epiphany after attending her first wellness retreat. Blown away by the transformation in her own health and mindset, she was eager to share her ‘new normal’ with worn out and weary professionals the world over. In August 2016, and in partnership with former mental health nurse Rebecca Skilton and trainer and gym owner Sherryll Gordon, Te Atawhai was born.

Te Atawhai (pronounced aa-Taa-F-AY) is a modern sanctuary located in the rural town of Te Aroha, nestled at the foothills of the magnificent Mount Te Aroha, 2.5 hours south of Auckland. Meaning ‘to care for’ in Maori, it was created with the sole purpose of reconnecting mind, body and spirit into one magnificent whole. With proven wellness practices that have been designed to seamlessly replace unhealthy mind, mouth and movement habits, guests are exposed to an organic whole foods diet that can seamlessly fit into their daily ritual.

“Once our guests have experienced the difference that a whole foods diet can make to their health and wellbeing, they rarely look back,” Stretton says.

More than just being introduced to a new way of eating and preparing food, guests are gently separated from the distraction of their daily lives by the “no alcohol, no coffee, no sugar, no technology” policy at the retreat. Becoming immersed in a series of simple but powerful lifestyle practices that hold movement and mindfulness at the core, Te Atawhai’s programme includes mountain treks, cycling, massage, thermal soaks and equine assisted learning. Add to the equation the ‘quiet town’ charm of Edwardian Te Aroha, the pristine beauty of the Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park, and the majesty of Mount Te Aroha and the inevitable result of the 4-Day wholeness journey is the re-establishment of a deep sense of peace and calm in the world.

Seeing her fair share of adrenal fatigue and biochemistry imbalances in her practice on a daily basis, Sydney Chiropractor and authority on holistic healing Dr Kate Willesee was a recent guest at Te Atawhai. She had this to say: “Being a health professional, I have been to many retreats. Te Atawhai has been the best for me.... I came away feeling refreshed and refueled... I rate it a ten out of ten.”

Annah Stretton leaves us with a last thought to ponder over: “The preservation of one’s health is easier and less costly than the cure of disease. So it makes perfect sense to build the best version of yourself each and every day. After all, your body is the one person you will have the longest relationship with.”

* Ask us about Te Atawhai’s Sydney Launch on 23 March, 2017 and the opportunity to meet Annah Stretton. Invitation and details to follow.

Fast Facts:

In order to give its guests the highest quality experience, numbers at Te Atawhai Wholeness Retreat are strictly limited, catering to groups of between 9-12 guests only.

* Te Atawhai 4 - Day Wholeness Retreat: NZD $2,900 (Per Person + GST 15%) * Te Atawhai 1 - Day Package: 5 – 9 People NZD $280 (Per Person + GST 15%) 10 – 13 People NZD $260 (Per Person + GST 15%)

Location: Te Atawhai’s ‘Domain House’ is located in the rural town of Te Aroha, in the Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island.

Website: http://teatawhai.co.nz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeAtawahi/ Instagram: @te_atawhai

Contact Details: victoria@TeAtawhai.com  
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