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The Perfect Travel Pant: #ImsoOKayla

Ready to travel in my new Okayla high waist joggers.
Have you ever thought how hard it is to find the perfect travel pant? Tights are for workout junkies, trackies should be confined to in-home use only, and jeans are not only heavy and take forever to dry when wet, they pinch you in all the wrong places on a long flight. 

As a world traveller for 3 decades, I take my travel wardrobe very seriously. Every item of clothing needs to earn its place in the comfort and styling stakes as well as in the suitcase. After searching for that elusive piece of clothing that effortlessly combines ease and chic, I found online gold in OKAYLA’s “high waist jogger”. Eureka! Placing my order from Australia, it arrived in the post from Britain less than a week later.

Okayla’s super-soft cotton/spandex high-waisted pant, with wide elastic waistband and slim tapered leg, not only flatters most figure types but feel incredibly comfortable on the body. Passing the wash-and-wear test with flying colours, they took up minimum space in my suitcase when rolled or folded. Impressed with my purchase, I ventured to find out a little more about the person behind the label.

Samantha Crutchlow, Founder and Designer of Okayla (UK)
Okayla (the label) was founded by Samantha Crutchlow in 2016 and represents the union between East and West.  Based in Leicester (UK),  Samantha spent 10 years designing ladies wear for high street retailers in Britain, then re-located to Hong Kong for 3 years to further her experience with Far Eastern manufacturing. Ever inspired by the styling and layering in Asia, particularly Japan and Korea,  Samantha launched Okayla on her return to Britain from Hong Kong. 

“The link between my British roots and my love of Asia felt like the natural starting point for the brand,” says Samantha. After toying between several names for the brand, Samantha decided on “Okayla” as the brand name, a casual and fun phrase spoken by both the locals and westerners around Hong Kong that captures the essence of the brand.

Thanks to her profession, Samantha has had plenty of opportunities to explore Europe, America and Asia. Yet despite having travelled the world, it was in Leicester, the city of her birth, where she decided to settle, reminding me of a classic travel quote by Chinese writer Lin Yutang: “No one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”

Check out Okayla’s  Sports Luxe Casual Wear Collection  by clicking here.

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Posted by Victoria Ugarte on 6th July, 2017 | Trackbacks
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