Buck & Hen Group Travels Made Easy

Trying to organise a group trip with friends, for buck and hen parties can be a logistical nightmare and an extremely stressful experience. It involves rallying the group together, finalising who is confirming to attend and securing flight and hotel options. Then there’s the tricky task of accumulating all the cash together or hoping everyone books the same flight & hotel on the correct dates in the right city! Sometimes, the poor organiser is also stuck having to pay out a chunk of change for the trip, then spending weeks attempting reimbursements from the travelling party, usually short changed. 

Adding to this is the constant flurry of communication threads between the group:  A ream of ongoing emails, multiple texts, possibly a private Facebook group with an astonishing amount of comments and a live stream of Whatsapp messages – all running simultaneously. The organizer is now scrambling to socially coordinate the team and friends are so excited, they’re communicating in every conceivable technological method. 

With now so much time vested in communication, statistics also confirm that travelers spend average 9 hours hunting deals online, searching through approximately 8 websites trying to compare each, over the space of two weeks.  This equates to around $243 in time wasted (based on an average salary) that results in hair pulling, ongoing frustration and failed attempts for the organiser to ensure smooth sailing.

In theory, the idea of a buck and hen trip sounds brilliant yet in reality, it can be as much a headache as purchasing your first home. 

Now imagine if that all the above clutter was centralized in one website, where the organizer can assign tasks to friends and everyone plans together yet saves travel cash separately. A website that shares the group responsibility while ensuring the friends actually book the correct travel details without a hitch. myTab online travel gift card was created with this objective in mind and it’s a seamless way to enjoy the planning, as much as taking the trip.

With myTab, friends sign up with their Facebook account and the organizer sets tasks for everyone in the group, tagging reminders to one or more pals. The tasks are then emailed to each individual on the due date i.e. Emma is assigned to book the rental car at Sydney; Remind me to ask family to put it on myTab so they gift me travel cash for my birthday, towards my hen trip; Every second Tuesday the group adds $100 to their individual travel fund etc.  The organizer also confirms the average trip price using myTab’s free calculator. They then create the trip on myTab and start commenting in the trip thread, purely focusing on the excitement building up. If someone remembers a new task, they simply add this to the reminder feature instead of cluttering the trip thread by commenting i.e. “Amanda, I forgot to make a reservation at the restaurant on our arrival night, I’ve just set a task for you to do this in myTab.“

The stressed organizer is now a fully fledged high flying director and guiding friends with the assigned tasks, knowing everyone is adding cash regularly to their myTab fund. When all friends have added sufficient cash for the trip, the organiser can set a reminder for everyone to book the specific hotel and/or flight on the correct day.

Each friend then individually searches myTab’s travel booking portal to find the hotel and/or flight they agreed on and with the cash accumulated in their myTab fund, they can book. If they’re short of funds at the time of booking, myTab will ask them to add additional cash instantly, routed through PayPal (user or credit card guest). They’re then routed back to myTab and complete their purchase. Now the trip is confirmed, each friend in the group receives an email notification of their friends who have secured their trip. The organizer is now extremely smug, crossing off the names of everyone who’s booked and ready to go.

With a happy pre-travel experience completed, the friends can also post their completed trip to their Facebook page and the conversation can continue socially. No more stressed team leader, no more exacerbation over assigning tasks and everyone has budgeted wisely for the trip without melting their credit card in one swoop.

Planning, funding and booking group trips on myTab is now a breeze and a truly exciting pre-travel experience that ensures the organiser receives a well deserved pat on the back. The only issue to discuss is finding the most embarrassing accessories for the buck and hen!

Website: www.mytab.travel – online travel gift card

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