English Speaking Driver Czech Republic

Let me introduce you to Tomas Vlk, English speaking Czech driver extraordinaire. 
With no direct buses available from Prague to Cesky Krumlov, and after having driven for the past month around the South of France, Peter and I wanted to do the 200 kms drive from Prague Airport to Cesky Krumlov in comfort. It's not often that I'm so impressed with a service that I'm moved to include it in my website. 
We first met Tomas (Pronounced To-MASH for you English speakers) when he came to pick Peter and I up in his Mercedes mini-van from Prague airport, where we landed from an Air France flight. Tomas had already picked up Peter's sister and partner, her daughter and boyfriend from Prague city prior in his mini van, so they were in the vehicle when Tomas met us. From the airport, Tomas would drive us all together to Cesky Krumlov. The timing was impeccable as we waited for no longer than 5 minutes.

Giving us tips and acting as tour guide along the way as we passed the green open fields and farm lands of Czech countryside, Tomas' company and running commentaries were delightful as well as informative. He was also able to guage when we just needed some quiet time to ourselves. 

We had such a lovely experience with Tomas that we booked him 3 days later to drive us from Cesky Krumlov back to Prague, then from Prague to the spa town of Karlovy Vary a week later, and Karlovy Vary back to Prague Airport at the end of our stay, where Peter and I would catch our flight back home to Australia. At all times, Tomas was reliable, hospitable, helpful and highly attentive. 

We highly recommend Tomas for all your airport transfers and transport needs in the Czech Republic. His details are as below:

Tomas Vlk
Mob 71025383
eMail: vikt@email.cz
Phone: 604 974 246