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How Many Hours A Year Do You Spend On Facebook?

Can you believe that the average person spends nearly 8 hours a month on Facebook, wandering through endless status updates, posting inane comments and photos, and playing social games? 

That's 96 hours per year, or the equivalent of 4 days! 

Pathetic, isn't it. Even more pathetic is that I find myself in this category, not to mention Twitter *hangs head in shame*. 

And yet the biggest excuse I hear from people for not traveling is "I haven't got the time". This REALLY does my head in!

Why should I care? Because to me, travel isn't just a frivolous luxury. It's an investment.

Let's stop for a minute to look at the Benefits of Travel:  
1) We explore distant lands and discover new geographies. 
2) We open ourselves up to different cultural experiences: sights, tastes, smells, sounds. 
3) We become more ‘present’ during our travels than at any other time in our daily lives.  
4) The mindset of exploration and discovery brings a freshness to our intellect and creativity. 

Hmmm.... Facebook, exploring different cultures, Facebook, savouring different cuisines, Facebook, more creativity.... no comparison, is there?

Then the other excuse I hear is "I have no money."  

Honestly, have you ever stopped to think how much we spend on  s**t everyday? The gossip mags, the chocolate, the parking infringement ticket that we incurred because we couldn't be bothered to read the signs, the bag we didn't need, the shoes that don't fit but we liked the look of, the dress that would've looked better on a pre-pubescent model.... and on and on it goes. 
I can almost guarantee that if cut your "useless expenditure" every week, it would quickly add up to your flight & accommodation to somewhere interesting by the end of the year. And since the advent of online booking sites and the savings that they bring, cost has become even less of a deciding factor on whether to travel or not. 

Not convinced yet? To help you even more, Click Here for "How To Travel In A Recession". 

Yep, you've run out of excuses now, haven't you.

 So pull your finger out and do something meaningful with your spare time. Book a holiday to somewhere you've never been to before. And think about how much more you can Tweet and upload on Facebook!

Posted by Victoria Ugarte on 11th September, 2012 | Trackbacks
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