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What Happens To A Couple Of Travel Bugs When They Can't Travel?

I’m hanging up my traveling hat. For the next few months anyway. You too?

Peter, my husband, had to have shoulder surgery performed on a torn tendon on his right shoulder. Picking up luggage the wrong way on our last trip, no less. Recovery is expected to be slow. Seemingly in sympathy, I developed tendonitis on my left shoulder. The solution is rest plus physiotherapy, equals no travel until at least July. Bummer. 

Accustomed to traipsing the four corners of the globe for nigh on 3 months out of every year, you could say that I'm feeling like a fish out of water. While I'd like to rant, rave and carry on about aging being a bitch, I know that it's not going to solve my problem either.
Having said all that, what am I going to do when I can't travel? Here's a list that I've made of ways that I can travel without travel. The key to it all is the imagination!

Click here to find out the 6 Ways To Travel Without Travel.

Posted by Victoria Ugarte on 3rd February, 2013 | Trackbacks
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