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Amazon Sales Of New Book "Losing Sight Of The Shore" Spike!

Awwww, man!!I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be spending hours on Facebook or Twitter and trawling the cyber world of Amazon. But you see, I've gotten hooked. Why now? After having published four other books, you'd think I would have gotten used to all this by now. What's changed?

The difference this time are the results. For the first time since I have published, my ranking has spiked from  #19,892 Paid in Kindle Store to #34,152 within three days of my new book's publication. As of today, "Losing Sight Of The Shore" is #28 in the Kindle Store for Biographies/ Adventurers and Explorers category, and #54 in overall books for the same category. 

To say that I am thrilled with the 'early-days' results is an understatement. As an author, one bares ones soul in the publication of a book and any acknowledgment is heart warming and encouraging. 

To all of you who have supported me and bought my book, I thank you with all my heart and hope that you enjoy reading it. For those of you that have yet to buy it, I hope that it piques enough of your interest to pick it up. As a final note, us authors depend on your reviews on Amazon, so please don't forget to drop us a few lines when you've finished!

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View "Losing Sight Of The Shore" on Amazon. 

Posted by Victoria Ugarte on 15th May, 2013 | Trackbacks
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