Testimonials: A Foodie & Fashionista's Guide To London

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Here's what others have had to say about "A Foodie & Fashionista's Guide To London":

Claudia Chan Shaw, Fashion Designer, Author and Television Presenter 

“This handy guide is a thorough and entertaining tour through one of the world’s most fascinating and exciting cities. With tips on getting around this great metropolis, Victoria includes warnings of the perils of taking an unlicensed mini cab, gives a snapshot of the best family-run B & B’s, the handiest serviced apartments right through to the most luxurious of celebrity haunts. This guide covers all budgets. 

Perhaps the most useful section of A Foodie & Fashionista’s Guide to London is the breakdown of where to eat and shop in London’s many Boroughs. London is huge! It’s not just about the Tower of London and Harrod’s. Each Borough has its own distinct flavour and Victoria Ugarte gently takes us by the hand to seek out the quirky and unusual. She tracks down the original ballet pump and the coolest Lulu Guinness handbag. Recommends the best fish and chips in town, plus takes us on a run through the most famous vintage markets in the world. Be transported. London, here we come!”  

Sally Breen, Gallery Owner 

“This is a terrific guide to London. I spend many weeks every year in the leading global capitol. Victoria Ugarte’s guide embodies Bruce Chatwin’s axiom…’walking is a virtue, tourism is a deadly sin.’ Leave your iPad/iPhone tourist apps in the hotel – this book compels you to walk the city and compose your own journey.” 

Kandy Russo, Sydney Stylist 

"If Victoria has recommended it, you can be sure it will be enjoyable and to your liking. 'A Foodie and Fashionistas Guide to London' will become like your American Express card - 'don't leave home without it'. If you expect to have a fabulous and delicious time in London, study the pages religiously as you plan your trip and keep it close by during your journey for all the insider tips. You’re guaranteed to become the expert on London’s restaurants and shopping gems. And lets face it, are there any more enjoyable pastimes than eating and shopping? Congratulations Victoria on another essential guide!"

Melody Green, Author, Blogger, Poet, Career Adviser For Women, SoulRetreatWithMelody.Wordpress.com.

“ As someone who has been to London more than a few times and felt that she knows it like the back of her hand, it was a shock for me to realize how much I didn’t know! This book takes you into London’s foodie and fashionista world in an upfront and totally personal way. I really enjoyed getting a peek at the world as Victoria knows it - and made me think how great it would be to take a trip to London with her! I now have an extensive new list to add to my old favorites for my next visit - now let me look at calendar - just just when can I squeeze in another trip?” 

Download Your Kindle version of A Foodie & Fashionista's Guide To London NOW!

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