Intrepid Travelers, Anne & Mike Howard (Honey Trek)

Meet newlyweds, Mike and Anne Howard, and follow them on their incredible honeymoon around the world, traveling to 25 countries over 500 days, on a journey filled with adventure, reflection, and love. Read about how they like to travel:

Victoria Ugarte: All Intrepid Travelers have a story to tell, so what was the exact moment in your lives when the travel bug bit you, transforming your lives forever.

Mike Howard: To be honest, the travel bug did not hit us until day 2 of our RTW (Round The World). This may sound weird, and it is....basically we both love to travel, and the world is an amazing place. We knew we wanted to do something huge, but we really didn't know how much we would love living on the road. And now after 370 days on our RTW we can say that we have the travel bug, and our lives have most definitely been changed forever.

V: What part of the world and culture makes your hearts sing. 

M: It may sound cheesy, but our hearts sing in nearly every city we visit. This is partly because we do our best to find the good in every culture, and truly immerse ourselves in it, not just view it like an aquarium as so many tourists do. The other part is that we travel as a team, and this makes each place we visit that much more beautiful that we can share it with each other, and relive its beauty as we travel onward. If we had to pick ONE place, I would pick Nepal, the history, architecture, people, food and mountains make this one of my favorite places. Anne's favorite culture might be our current location in northern Vietnam in a small village called Taphin Village, where the Red Dzao people live, they are so kind, welcoming, and have just treated us so well during our homestay here. The smiles on their face are so big and there doors are always open, it is quite humbling.

V: How do you like to travel? Are you organised and into planning every detail of your trip? Or are you the types to wing it, preferring to let things unfold?

M: We are 100% the later. We never book a hotel before arriving in a city, we don't book airline tickets more than a few days before departure, and we soak in as much local knowledge as possible before determining our route to the next town. This method has treated us so kindly, we get better deals, more amazing off the track destinations, and even when it might seem things aren’t working out with lodging or transport, something amazing happens and someone comes and rescues the day, or an amazing story is born....or both! If you are planning an RTW, you need to do practically no planning, simply choose the rough countries you want to visit, and hit the road. Simple!

V: Do you enjoy traveling with people or being on your own?

M: Assuming on our own means, together as a couple....we actually like both. We love being just the two of us, intrepid explorers seeing new parts of the world, growing together, meeting amazing people, trying new foods, pushing ourselves to new limits. That being said, when we can team up with other great people we love that so much. For instance we met two super cool cats in Nepal Emily and Seb and ended up doing a 10-day trek to Annapurna Base Camp with them, and we keep in touch to this day. Then in December we had 6 of our best friends from America visit us to travel through southern Thailand together, and it was out of this world! So in the end, we like both, as it's good to get a mix.

V: What are the 7 things you never travel without.

M: Here they are:
1. SteriPen
2. Laptops + iPhone + Camera (i bundle the tech stuff as they are pretty much a given for any travel writer)
3. Duffle Bag - to wrap around our backpacks to keep them secure and also when we don't want to be "hippy backpackers"
4. A flip wallet to keep cash, credit & debit cards. Then a "throw away" wallet with $20 in local cash and some dummy cards
5. Our perfect mixture of instant coffee, milk, chocolate milk and sugar. Pre-mixed and ready for hot (or even cold) water.
6. Our own pillows and cotton sleeping bag liner. If you are going on an RTW we can't recommend this enough. When you have your own pillows, you can be sleeping in the shadiest of places and it still feels like home. Pillows make ALL the difference
7. A good disposition and an open mind. If you have these two things, honestly, nothing can go wrong on your trip. NOTHING! Good things happen to people with a smile on their face.

V: How can we contact you?

M: You can find us on:
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