How To Reschedule Your Flights During Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has devastated America's East Coast and has caused more than US$20 worth of damage. As a result of the storm, there have been 11 deaths caused by toppled trees, fires, power cuts, significant flooding and transport chaos.
New York's three airports - JFK, La Guardia and Newark Liberty - have been closed down for damage assessment, causing significant flight delays and chaos. 

Here are a few things that you can do as a traveler:

1) Be Prepared & Plan Ahead: Airlines have been waving their cancellation fees for flights that were scheduled around Hurricane Sandy, so you may want to reschedule your flight as soon as possible (you can do this until November 4). Bear in mind that seats can open up at any point in time. 

2) Avoid Advanced Check In: Once you're checked in it will be too late to make a change, so avoid opting for an advanced check in.

3) Check Flight Status Regularly: Sign up for flight alerts and check your airline status regularly. FlightStats is a great site for fligh arrival and departure updates. You may also want to check your airline Facebook and Twitter pages.

4) Call Airline Directly: The ticket counter at your airport is not the best place to reschedule your flight if your flight has been canceled. You will get faster service if you call your airline directly. An alternative is to buy yourself a day ticket to the airline's airport lounge and work directly with the airline's agent.

5) Book Your Hotel Directly: Call the hotel directly instead of booking online. While you may not get the discounted rates that online booking sites can offer, you will be assured a room. The hotels will be protecting their rooms at this time. 

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