Community of Intrepid Travelers

Hi, there, and welcome to our Community of Intrepid Travelers!  

There are many of us around the world who share the insatiable spirit of adventure. You may well be one of them! Exploring and discovering our world is your passion and travel is your way of life.

But we can't be in all places at once, can we. And of course there are budgetary restraints to traveling all year round. 

The solution? Getting in touch with other Intrepid Travelers, of course, and enriching ourselves through their journeys and experiences! 

The Explore My World Travel (EMWT) Community of Intrepid Travelers helps you to find out who these special people are so you can keep in touch with them and find out what they do. You may even pick up a travel tip or two!

Allow me to introduce them to you:

Anne & Mike Howard: Honey Trek
Andrea Powis (Australia): Founder of travel company, Travelling Divas

Colleen Setchell (England): Freelance travel writer & photographer