Guided mountain walks on Mt Te Aroha provide an ideal opportunity for teamwork as a natural solution to overcoming intense mental and physical challenges.
A Healthy Workforce is a Creative Workforce: 
The Key to Corporate Wellness in New Zealand

A recent survey of almost 30,000 workers conducted by the Workplace Health Association showed the following: Half of those surveyed were physically inactive, 40 per cent of those surveyed were overweight and 20 per cent obese, Sixty-five per cent reported moderate to high stress levels, and Forty-one per cent had psychological distress levels that placed them in the ‘at risk’ category.

Painting an alarming picture, smart companies are now taking employee wellness seriously and trying to come up with solutions to combat rising health issues and healthcare costs. Investing in the wellness of their workforce in the form of corporate wellness retreats makes good fiscal sense as the benefits are far reaching:
  • Better performance and productivity 
  • Improved levels of motivation and leadership
  • Improved organisational culture
  • Greater retention of existing staff and lower staff turnover
  • Reduced costs associated with absenteeism, disability and workers’ compensation
  • Improved corporate image which attracts talented employees and fulfills corporate social responsibility obligations
Engagement, motivation, support and strategy, the keys to a successful corporate wellness programme, is where a wellness retreat like Te Atawhai comes into its own. Located at the foothills of the majestic Mount Te Aroha in New Zealand’s North Island, it provides its guests with a best practice environment where the wellness experience has been carefully designed to reset modern day living rhythms in a way that brings about lasting change. 

Here are the features that make Te Atawhai ideal for your next Corporate Wellness Retreat:

Small groups... Te Atawhai lends itself to small groups, accommodating between 6-12 guests only at any one time. This means that your company can book out the entire retreat for your group provided you have the minimum group number of 6. As well as ensuring an exclusive and organic experience for company colleagues and the ability for the programme to cater to everyone’s needs, corporate team building activities can easily be worked into your company’s 4-Day Retreat programme.

Pristine Environment... The majestic surroundings of Mt Te Aroha, in the region of Waikato, is completely unique and hard to beat. The highest point on the Kaimai-Mamaku range, Mt Te Aroha is famous for its breathtaking flora and fauna, its vast array of mountain walking tracks, and the healing properties of its hot springs. 

Mt Te Aroha’s pristine natural beauty, in combination with Te Atawhai’s alcohol-free, nicotine-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free and Wifi-free environment, is pivotal in the practice of Mindfulness as part of Te Atawhai’s Wholeness program.

Bespoke Accommodation... In keeping with Te Atawhai’s sustainability ethos, all guests stay at the Te Atawhai homestead, a beautiful old home located just outside of the Edwardian town of Te Aroha. Every room includes its own ensuite and has been restored and redecorated to create separate bespoke accommodation for 6 singles or 6 couples. Guests will not need to leave the surroundings of the beautiful lodge except to go on the mountain hikes and spa treatments at the Te Aroha Mineral Spa, located in the main town of Te Aroha.

Wholefood Menu... Every meal and snack at Te Atawhai is world class, lovingly prepared and beautifully presented by Te Atawhai’s passionate wholefoods chef using fresh wholefood ingredients.

Value for Money ... Priced at NZD$2200 per guest for a Four-Day all-inclusive Wholeness Retreat, Te Atawhai also offers attractive rates for group bookings, making it excellent value for money when placed alongside other world scale retreats within Australia and New Zealand. 

Lastly, Te Atawhai’s aim is for its corporate guests to leave at the end of the Wholeness Retreat with a renewed sense of achievement, respect for their bodies, and fully equipped with a new set of health and wellbeing skills and tools that will help them to cope with future stresses in the workforce.

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