Media Kit: Victoria Ugarte

"Victoria Ugarte will share with your audience: 

*Why taking the time to prepare for ones travels is so much easier than being clueless.

* Techniques for spending less on your travels without sacrificing comfort.

* How to overcome feeling like a tourist in your travels and avoid being taken for a ride. 

* What to do when your travel plans fall to pieces.

* How you can FINALLY feel like a citizen of the world. 

Victoria Ugarte
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Why Do Cultures Clash?

Victoria Ugarte, author of “Culture Savvy For Women”, says, "The biggest challenge for women who travel on their own, whether for business or for pleasure, has always been the cultural divide; women are far more affected by cultural differences than their male counterparts. And with nearly half of Western travelers being women, it is more important than ever to become educated in the culturally correct behavior of their host country, thus preempting any potential cultural faux pas.” 

Victoria strongly believes that it is vital for women to educate themselves on the culturally correct behavior of their host country prior to their travels.

Victoria Ugarte, author of “Culture Savvy For Women”, says, "The biggest challenge for women who travel on their own, whether for business or for pleasure, has always been the cultural divide; women are far more affected by cultural differences than their male counterparts. And with nearly half of Western travelers being women, it is more important than ever to become educated in the culturally correct behavior of their host country, thus preempting any potential cultural faux pas.” 

Victoria strongly believes that it is vital for women to educate themselves on the culturally correct behavior of their host country prior to their travels.

Ideas That Will Captivate Your Audience: 

Idea #1: Statistics of women travelers: Statistics taken from Tourism Research Australia’s National Visitor Survey in 2010, 48% of the Australian traveler demographics are women. This figure includes those traveling domestically and overseas.

Idea#2: Cultural differences and women: There are probably few transformations over the 20th century as radical as the change in women’s roles in Western society. In the United States, for example, married female labor force participation was around 2% in 1880 and increased to around 73% in 2000. This has gradually changed our cultural beliefs about the appropriate role of woman in society. (Figures taken from “Women,Work, and Culture”, by Raquel Fernández. New York University, CEPR, NBER). 

In contrast, the more conservative and patriarchal nations of Asia or the Middle East still see women in more traditional roles. What is happening today, with the advent of the internet and globalization, the lines are becoming increasingly blurred between respecting cultural differences and protecting the hard-won citizenship rights of women.

Idea#3: What is culture and how do I know if I’ve got one: Culture is not the product of lone individuals. Rather, it’s been a powerful human tool for survival since time immemorial. Through the ages, it has enabled communities to teach their young what they have learned in order to survive in their own environment. Sticking to the people of our own culture has given us a sense of security. Today, human beings are traveling the world more frequently and in greater numbers, coming into contact with other cultures with far greater frequency. The key to embracing the world’s diversity, therefore, is education, which will inevitably lead to understanding and appreciation. 

In Praise Of “Culture Savvy”:

“ Don’t leave this book behind!”
“When you're packing your bags for your next international destination, don't leave this book behind! Full to the brim with advice and etiquette tips on how to adjust to the cultural norms of your destination, this book will give you the greatest chance of success on your business trips, and ensure many lasting and memorable experiences in your leisure travels. Women around the world will benefit from Victoria's advice." -- Jen Dalitz, Australia's thought leader on gender balance and author of

“ Truly a fascinating read...”
“At last we can cross continents confident in the knowledge of how not to offend local sensibilities! Having travelled extensively I have always wanted to step lightly on foreign soil. It seems utterly logical to me to be respectful of local cultures , however to actually understand the nuances, idiosyncrasies and customs of people is a privilege usually reserved for those living within those societies. Until now. 
Culture Savvy For Women is well structured and is truly a fascinating read. Each chapter begins with a potted history of the nation – a great introduction or refresher, depending on how much attention you were paying in history class. This enables the traveler to appreciate her surroundings fully before diving in to engage in conversation, gift giving and dining whilst observing the correct etiquette, additionally safe in the knowledge of how to circumvent local taboos. And if one does blunder in to unfriendly territory, what safety precautions might come in handy. Don't leave home without reading this entertaining and informative guide, and the world is truly your oyster!” -- Annah Stretton, Fashion Entrepreneur, Director of Stretton Group Ltd, Editor & Publisher of HER, PINK, & WHO’S WHO magazines (NZ). 

Losing Sight Of The Shore, Mentally, Emotionally and Geographically

“One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” - Andre Gide, French Author and Nobel Prize winner.

Victoria Ugarte, author and world traveler, has taken inspiration from Gide's quote when writing her latest book, "Losing Sight Of The Shore." Telling her story over 5 decades of travel, she takes the reader into her confidence, spinning travel tales of resilience, hard lessons learnt, relationships, love and loss. Reflecting on different stages of her life, Ugarte writes about her multicultural beginnings, the traumatic events that shaped her, and many adventures and misadventures from around the world.

The book is jam packed with useful travel tips and practical information on different cities and countries. Through humor and sensitive reflection, this book communicates the value of travel at any age, of losing sight of the shore in search of new territories, wherever that might be. 

6 Reasons To Read Losing Sight Of The Shore:

1) Losing Sight Of The Shore is as much about resilience, relationships, love and loss, as a picturesque account of Different countries and cities.

2) Losing Sight Of The Shore communicates the value of travel at any age, of letting go of the safety of one's routine in search of new territories, whether they be physical, mental or emotional.

3) This book is jam packed with useful travel tips and practical information about the areas in the world that Victoria has explored, from Sri Lanka, Mexico and the South of France, to the Czech Republic and the United States.

4) As well as discovering new and exciting opportunities for global travel, Losing Sight Of The Shore inspires its readers to adopt a beautifully balanced attitude of fun and cultural respect.

5) Filled with great insights, Losing Sight Of The Shore encourages the reader to put their own lives into perspective, enabling them to develop greater sensitivity towards the struggles of fellow humans around the world.

6) Through her story and diverse experiences, Victoria prompts the eader to pause and reflect on who they are and where they may be heading in life.


Marika Martinez, Director of Women’s Own Adventure

“Victoria is an amazing storyteller. 
She lays bare her inner voice and shares with us her incredible travel tales that are brimming with emotions of sadness, joy and humor taking the reader along with her on the journey of self discovery, a journey that many of us can relate to in some way.
Having learned lessons on being culturally aware the hard way, Victoria shares with us the lessons she has learned along life’s journey in this very entertaining and thoughtfully written book.
This is a great read to take with you the next time you are in a plane, train or automobile. “ 

Cydney O’Sullivan, CEO of Millionaires Academy, 7 Times Best Selling Author, World Traveler, Marketing Strategist and Serial Entrepreneur

“If travel to exotic locations is on your bucket list,  'Losing Sight Of The Shore' will surely make it happen sooner! If you love a good story, prepare to laugh and cry, be entertained and engaged. I could not put this book down. It brought tears to my eyes, and reminded me of so many times I’ve had to live through devastating challenges in my own life, and the people I’ve loved and lost along the way. Victoria's family became my family. She has lived all over the world and been faced with truly difficult choices, yet spun her experiences in life into a fabulous tale of an empowered woman bound by cultural expectations and making it work despite the odds. This book takes you on an incredible journey to the most exotic locations across the world savoring the delicacies, cultures, funny stories and sharing Victoria’s love of travel and her wondrous exploration of places and people. She has chosen a light touch in her story telling, covering a lifetime of travel and experience, without dwelling on the emotional hardships that would have stopped lesser mortals in their tracks. 
I found it to be a fast and engaging read, leaving me wanting to visit these incredible places that Victoria has been blessed to experience, and have my own adventures!  It left me wanting more and eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the life and times of this intrepid explorer. Enjoy!”

Annah Stretton, Fashion Entrepreneur, Director of  Stretton Group Ltd, Editor & Publisher of HER, PINK, & WHO’S Who Magazines (NZ)

“In my mind the success of any book would have to be that upon the completion of reading it the reader has in someway or at some level has been moved to pause and reflect on who they are or where they may be heading in life. 
With a clever mix of autobiographical reflections, quasi-intrepid journalism and personalized tour guide musings, Victoria successfully lures the reader into a refreshingly honest journey of global geographical and cultural exploration. The book lays an array of achievable pathway challenges for us to follow, breaking bucket lists open and forcing us to make 'future' travel plans become 'now' plans. Through the eyes of this ‘matrepid’ traveler (mature traveler to 'new' destinations), I learn not only of exciting new opportunities for global travel but I am also prompted to adopt a beautifully balanced attitude of fun and cultural respect.
There is no doubt that after reading this book we will all have sharpened the focus of our travel compass and know exactly where we are heading. Like me, I know you willI love not only learning more about our beautiful planet and the dynamic and diverse population it supports but also about this wonderful woman.   
Long may you all wander the less travelled pathways with warm hearts and open minds.”

* Losing Sight Of The Shore is now available on Amazon. Click here For More.

Do You Suffer From Anxiety Every Time You Plan Your Trip?

Are you sick to death of being clueless about where to get the best flight rates and accommodation?

Are you annoyed by the feeling of helplessness when you're in a foreign city, frustrated by not knowing the best places to eat, stay and play, just about DONE with being ripped off because you look like a tourist?

Don't you just wish someone could organize your whole trip for you, so that all you need to do is hop on that plane and go?

Now you can STOP feeling confused and anxious about your travel planning and experience. What you're about to hear is music to your, and your audience’s ears.

Victoria Ugarte will teach you how to put an END to travel anxiety and feeling like the "helpless tourist" once and for all. She will show you the benefits of traveling smartly, safely and confidently, being culturally correct at all times, and truly enjoying an authentic travel experience in whatever country that you visit. She will show your listeners/ viewers how to be aware, be informed, and be safe on their travel adventures.

Over 25 years of traveling the world for business and pleasure, Victoria Ugarte has had her fair share of travel disasters, expensive mistakes, and cultural faux pas, which she overcame by educating herself. She continues to spend 3 months of every year traveling throughout the world, writing her books which are available on Amazon, and writing travel articles for Her Magazine (NZ), Pink (NZ), and Women's Village (Australia). Through her website , she continues to ease the pain and hassle of planning and organizing a travel experience so all you need to do is Explore, Discover, Live.

In Praise Of Travel Bible For Women:

The Travel Bible For Women is packed with insight and practical information. An important book from Victoria which helps to demystify the journey of travel for women. If you ever thought ‘If only someone would have told me...’ then this book is for you. It is small enough to pack in your bag and take with you as a reference, yet speaks volumes with information delivered in a matter of fact, no nonsense style. - Marika Martinez, Founder of Women’s Own Adventure.

I found Victoria’s Travel Bible For Women absolutely invaluable. Not only is it overflowing with practical information and straight forward do’s and don’ts, it’s also a fascinating read! And awkward cultural issues are treated with sensitivity and insight. I certainly won’t be making any embarrassing blunders or cultural faux pas through my lack of knowledge or cultural ignorance in the future – I have Victoria’s Travel Bible For Women to guide me on my next trip. What will you be taking?” - Lindsay Lewis, Author of The Inconvenient Child – Sydney, Australia.

The Travel Bible For Women by Victoria Ugarte is a must handbook for all women with travel plans. It not only offers the usual do's and don'ts of travel, it also provides information on cultural sensitivities, personal care, traveling with children and simply being prepared. Victoria's writing style makes for an easy read with checklists included for practical use. As a mother who has traveled throughout Europe with children, I know first hand the planning and foresight that's required. Well done Victoria! I'll certainly be packing a copy when I take my next trip!” - - Ludwina Dautovic, Founder of The Red Tent Woman 

The Travel Bible for Women is a must read for everyone. Filled with tips and travel essentials, it’s what every woman needs in order to experience the best travel experience possible. Victoria has summarized the must-knows and dos in a fun easy-to-read style and has created invaluable checklists that will save you time. If you want to be prepared for a trip of a life time, be sure to read this first. Enjoy your travels. --  Tania Beck, Director, Red Roo Adventures. Sydney, Australia.

Sample On Air Questions:

* What are a travelers greatest fears?

* What are a travelers greatest dangers? 

* What is the percentage of women travelers to men? 

* What steps can travelers take to achieve a more authentic travel experience? 

* What sorts of travel experiences are today’s travelers after?

More Questions To Engage & Entice Your Audience:

*Let's say that some of your audience members may be thinking "I've tried visiting a foreign country with a tour group. We were stuck on a tour bus and herded from site to site with a multitude of other tourists and we got ripped off and scammed by the locals because we looked like tourists. How do I achieve a more authentic travel experience if I've never visited the country before, I don't speak the language, and don't know where to go?" 

* What are your top tips for our audience members for traveling in a recession and getting the best travel deals? 

Even More To Keep Them On The Edge Of Their Seats Dying To Hear More:

* I know a lot of viewers out there who are nervous about going out of their comfort zone when visiting a foreign country for the first time, listening to a different language, navigating their way through the minefield of local customs, trying out different foods, discovering new experiences. Can you really help the travel novice to travel like a seasoned traveler?

* What was your inspiration for creating, “Travel Bible For Women” and “Culture Savvy For Women.”

The Difference Between Seeing London Like a Tourist Or A Local

Are you planning on visiting London but loathe the idea of large tour groups?  
Do you have passion for good food and wine, and eating out at the latest nosh pits about town?
Do you have a penchant for shopping and an eagle eye for combining current and vintage fashion trends with the basics?
Do you want to know where the locals hang out, their secret little gems, instead of being caught in the tourist traps? 
And lastly, don’t you just WISH someone would put all this information down in a small, handy book!

Take yourself from safe to standout in London with the invaluable information inside this book. You will learn:
  • The hot and happening places in this dynamic city, borough by borough; where the people-in-the-know shop, dine and play.
  • The best places to stay in London, from charming B&B’s and chic boutique establishments to the lap of 5-star luxury.
  • A comprehensive guide to British social etiquette, from how not to look like a novice at High Tea to the appropriate way to dress for Royal Ascot.
  • A guide to all the must-see sights of London, plus a plethora of stunning day trips.
Victoria Ugarte draws on the best of local knowledge, and her bi-yearly travels to London with the fashion industry, in her latest book, A Foodie and Fashionista’s Guide To London. Written in a relaxed and irreverent manner, and brimming with practical information from shop-happy and food-savvy locals, you'll get the low down on London’s climate and what to pack, getting around on public transport, and the best places to eat, stay and play in London's inner boroughs. This book will have you armed and ready to make the most of this exciting city, whatever the season you choose to travel. 

In Praise Of A Foodie & Fashionista's Guide To London:
“This handy guide is a thorough and entertaining tour through one of the world’s most fascinating and exciting cities. With tips on getting around this great metropolis, Victoria includes warnings of the perils of taking an unlicensed mini cab, gives a snapshot of the best family-run B & B’s, the handiest serviced apartments right through to the most luxurious of celebrity haunts. This guide covers all budgets.

Perhaps the most useful section of A Foodie & Fashionista’s Guide to London is the breakdown of where to eat and shop in London’s many Boroughs. London is huge! It’s not just about the Tower of London and Harrod’s. Each Borough has its own distinct flavour and Victoria Ugarte gently takes us by the hand to seek out the quirky and unusual. She tracks down the original ballet pump and the coolest Lulu Guinness handbag. Recommends the best fish and chips in town, plus takes us on a run through the most famous vintage markets in the world. Be transported. London, here we come!” -- Claudia Chan Shaw, Fashion Designer, Author and Television Presenter

“This is a terrific guide to London. I spend many weeks every year in the leading global capitol. Victoria Ugarte’s guide embodies Bruce Chatwin’s axiom…’walking is a virtue, tourism is a deadly sin.’ Leave your iPad/iPhone tourist apps in the hotel – this book compels you to walk the city and compose your own journey.” -- Sally Breen, Gallery Owner

"If Victoria has recommended it, you can be sure it will be enjoyable and to your liking. 'A Foodie and Fashionistas Guide to London' will become like your American Express card - 'don't leave home without it'. If you expect to have a fabulous and delicious time in London, study the pages religiously as you plan your trip and keep it close by during your journey for all the insider tips. You’re guaranteed to become the expert on London’s restaurants and shopping gems. And lets face it, are there any more enjoyable pastimes than eating and shopping? Congratulations Victoria on another essential guide!" -- Kandy Russo, Sydney Stylist 

“ As someone who has been to London more than a few times and felt that she knows it like the back of her hand, it was a shock for me to realize how much I didn’t know! This book takes you into London’s foodie and fashionista world in an upfront and totally personal way. I really enjoyed getting a peek at the world as Victoria knows it - and made me think how great it would be to take a trip to London with her! I now have an extensive new list to add to my old favorites for my next visit - now let me look at calendar - just just when can I squeeze in another trip?” -- Melody Green, Author, Blogger, Poet, Career Advisor For Women,

Available For Interviews

Victoria Ugarte is Available for interviews or for talks to your group. Contact details below: 
Victoria Ugarte
Author, Travel Blogger, Intrepid Traveler.
PO Box 3417, Tamarama, NSW 2026 - Australia
Mob +61411502421 /

“Travel obliges us to grow as human beings as we leave our comfort zones behind and progress into the unknown. We become receptive to beauty, new experiences, and new cultures, resulting in a far greater sensitivity to the struggles of human beings in general.” - Victoria Ugarte 

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