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12 Dec, 2012 — With many travelers packing for two seasons on their Christmas vacations, Explore My World Travel warns against the development of shoulder and neck injuries due to overweight luggage. T ravel expert Victoria Ugarte of Explore My World Travel advises travelers to exercise discipline and restraint when packing for two seasons. 

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there were more than 59,400 luggage related injuries treated at hospital emergency rooms, doctors’ offices and clinics in 2011. Of those injuries, more than 25,900 injuries were sprains and strains; More than 26,300 were back injuries; Approximately 2,060 were neck injuries. With a swell in travel expected over the Christmas holiday season, travel expert, Victoria Ugarte of Explore My World Travel advises travelers to exercise discipline and restraint when packing in order to avoid injury. 

Ugarte says, “Nothing starts a vacation off on the wrong foot, or ruins it altogether, like a physical injury caused by overweight luggage. The risks can be greatly reduced with some careful planning and disciplined packing.”

Ugarte offers sensible packing tips for two seasons this Christmas holiday season: 

1) Pack Ahead Of Time: Packing for two seasons means double the organization, so it’s recommended that travelers not pack at the last minute. While packing at least three days ahead of the departure date is acceptable, a week prior is ideal. 

2) Write Out Packing List: A packing list forces the traveler to think their wardrobe choices through and help to stay disciplined. However, it will only work if the traveler sticks to the list.

3) Work Out Time Of Year & Activities: It is important for travelers to check the average temperatures at their destination and consider the activities they will be engaging in before packing. 

4) Condense Color Palette: Utilizing a monochromatic color scheme (e.g. black, white and grey), for the main wardrobe items means that each piece of clothing can be coordinated 3 to 4 times. More efficient wardrobe coordination means the need to take less clothing.

5) Easy Care Fabrics Only: It’s advisable to pack easy care fabrics, such as knits and/or synthetic blends, which are light and easier to maintain. Packing woven clothing items, which take more time to maintain, tends to lead to packing more items. 

6) Add Color With Accessories: With less clothing pieces in the luggage, travelers can make good use of lighter accessories, such as scarves and pashminas, to add a splash of color. They serve as cover-ups for the head and shoulders when visiting churches, synagogues, mosques and temples, and are a convenient throw-over when the temperature drops in the aircraft or when sightseeing.

7) Wear Heaviest Clothes On The Plane: Layering on, or hand carrying, the heaviest pieces of clothing on the flight saves on the extra luggage weight. While taking a quilted jacket and hiking boots through airport security may be an inconvenience for the traveler, it ultimately means lighter luggage. 

8) Two Shoes Per Season Rule: Limit shoes to a pair of comfortable walking shoes for the day and a dressier pair for the evening for each season. Shoes carry much weight and have the potential to stack on the pounds.

As a last word, Victoria adds, “Remember that every piece of clothing must earn their space. Responsible travel means maintaining ones health and well being, and that certainly extends to minimizing any injuries due to overweight luggage.”

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