How To Travel With Children
by Victoria Ugarte

Tips On Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids need not be stressful. Here are some tried and true tips on traveling with children that will ensure your kids enjoy their journey and you get to relax, giving you the unique opportunity to create some wonderful moments with your family.

1) Stay Fluid:

You’ll need to stay fluid when traveling with kids. Go with the flow! Being stressed will only dilute your own energies, which you’ll need in spades for your children. Remember, if you’re stressed, they’ll be stressed. If you remain calm, so will they. If you feel like you’re about to lose it, then just take a few deep breaths until you get yourself under control.

2) Be Prepared:

If you’re a parent, then you hardly need me to remind you that kids need to be fed, cleaned, medicated when sick, and taken to the toilet on a regular basis. Preempt any problem by always packing a first aid kit, paracetamol, cough syrup, baby wipes, tissues, a change of clothes, disposable diapers (nappies), lots of water, and a good supply of healthy snacks every time that you travel with kids for long lengths of time.

3) Work Around Routine:

When possible, schedule long car rides and flights around the times when your children need their nap or sleep. Not only will your children reach your destination rested and happy, you’ll be buying yourself a few hours of peace on your journey.

4) Research Your Destination:

Do your research on your destination ahead of time. Make sure that you line up your transport and a variety of child-friendly activities before you arrive. Find out what accommodation and restaurants cater to children. This will save you valuable time, guesswork, not to mention stress, when you finally reach your destination.

5) Pre-plan Your Flight:

Check out the layout of the flight with and try to pick good seats, mapping out aisles and windows, and thinking about how you’d like your family seated. Find out if there are any special kids’ meals on the flight. If not, then buy some snacks and sandwiches beforehand to bring with you on board. Remember that a hungry child is an irritable child. Try to board the aircraft as late as possible, so that your child can expend all their energy in a larger area before boarding the aircraft.

6) Favorite Things:

Never underestimate the value of a favorite blanket, toy or game when it comes to keeping your child occupied on those long drives or flights. Things like coloring books, or story books that you can read together, are great ideas. You may want to go shopping before your trip and buy a couple of small new toys that you can keep hidden from your children until you are on the flight. You can pull them out just as the kids are getting frustrated, bored or disruptive.

7) The Wonders Of Modern Technology:

Have some of your kids’ favorite games loaded onto your iPad, or their favorite tunes on your iPod for long flights or cases of emergencies. No matter where you are in the world, your kids can still stay occupied and engaged by their favorite music and games, buying you valuable peace during difficult or long transits..

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