6 Ways To Travel When You Can’t Travel

Unfortunately, there are certain times in every travel bug’s life when a hiatus needs to be placed on travel. Like when one’s finances are stretched to the max, or when a medical condition restricts any strenuous physical activity or additional stresses to the body. What does one do?

Restrictions on travel doesn’t mean you can’t have a mini-holiday in your mind. After all, travel is all about broadening your horizons, and you can do that from the comfort of your living room armchair. All it takes is a little imagination. Here are 6 ways to travel when you can’t travel:

1) Have Fun Reminiscing - Remember that trip you made to Mexico in 2009? Or to Sri Lanka in 2010? Look through the photographs from old trips and read through your journals. It’ll transport you to another place in no time and may be a source of inspiration for the present. You may even want to print some hard copies of some of your best pics and frame them. If you’ve got the energy for it, you can create a scrap book. 

2) Enjoy A Great Travel Book - Nothing transports you to another land and culture quite like your imagination, and nothing fuels it more than reading a great travel story. Remember Eat, Pray, Love, or Under The Tuscan Sun? You’ll be amazed with what’s available online.

3) Watch A Travel Video - Until you can create your own experiences and adventures once again, why not live vicariously through someone else? There are some great travel programs around and some amazing YouTube videos. Pick out where you’d like to travel in the world and search it.

4) Pamper Yourself - Tired and stressed but can’t take a vacation just yet? Treat yourself to a Lomilomi or Swedish massage. Let your mind do the traveling while your body relaxes. It’ll be kinder on your hip pocket and does wonders for your sanity.

5) Enjoy A Different Culture At Home - Fascinated by Thailand? Vietnam? Spain? Discover the world through your kitchen. Invest in a cookbook of your culture of choice and let your creative juices flow.

6) Plan Your Next Holiday - There’s nothing like planning and anticipating your next trip, is there. Where would you like to go next in the world? Who will you travel with? Where will you stay? What sorts of things would you like to do? Gather clippings on your next destination and do some research over the next few months. After all, the planning is the first half of the journey!

Victoria Ugarte, Author, Corporate Culture and Travel Specialist, is becoming known around the world as one of the most recognized faces of travel and culturally correct behavior. She spends 3 months out of every year traveling the world, keeping her readers posted on exciting destinations, latest travel tips, and inspiring them to ‘Explore. Discover. Live’. Based in Sydney, Australia, Victoria has authored several books with Amazon, including Culture Savvy for Women. You can find Victoria, wherever she is in the world, by going to www.ExploreMyWorldTravel.com