Tasmania: Foodie Haven

Australia is among the world’s largest tourist destinations in the world. The food and beverage industry being among the many factors that sustain tourism has led to the emergence of the famous food shops of Tasmania. This has made Tasmania not only an ordinary destination but a haven for food and wine lovers. The natural conditions of the area characterized by cool climates and fertile soils produce a variety of fruits, nuts and berries not to mention the crops grown. The ocean currents on the other hand play a key role in availing rare seafood’s like oysters, mussels, scallops and lobsters among others. The salty nature of the pastures help in flavoring hormone free lamb and beef. Also, crops like black salsify, wasabi, buckwheat, olives and berries do well here. 

It can be argued that food is the main attraction in Tasmania as it receives more food tourists as days go by. This is because of the development of exquisite food shops in the area. These food joints can be categorized as attractions as people travel from all over the world to have an experience of their delicious cuisines. Tasmania boasts of over 50 food centers spread out in the whole region. The following are the 3 major food joints of Tasmania:


This is a restaurant located in Hobart 103 Murray St. The establishment is in its 3rd year of operation. It has won various worldwide awards and has also been featured in a documentary on the world’s Five-star hotels. It is famous for its trademark dishes like Garagistes charcuterie, Garagistes Wessex saddleback guanciale served with fermented vegetables, Mexican praline, Jerusalem artichoke, Robbins island beef tartar, potato noodles, and Chioggia beetroot among other dishes. It is also famous for its wines made from natural Tasmanian berries and cherries. The hotel is owned by three hoteliers with a good background of the hotel industry.

Lebrina Restaurant 
It is located in New Town, Hobart. It is associated with Scott Minervini, a famous chef. It features a short menu with an orientation of French and Italian cuisines. The menu includes double-cooked Heidi gruyere soufflé, seared local abalone dishes, Berkshire pork, cannellini bean puree, roasted fillet, rosemary salsa among other dishes. It also boasts of a variety of wines. The service here is splendid with staff willing to suggest for clients perfect dish combinations.

Stillwater River Café

This is a restaurant located in Launceston. It offers breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and its prices are moderate. Its menu consists of dishes like seared yellow fin tuna on soba noodles, scallops, roasted garlic salsa, ginger soy liquor, seared wallaby, Chinese pork cheeks, etc. It also has an extensive wine list. The friendly and resourceful staff also contribute to the restaurant's good reputation that has made it an award winning restaurant. The restaurant has however changed its menu recently and this move has been received differently by its clients.

These 3 are the major food joints in Tasmania, although there are other famous food shops like Me Wah in Hobart, Ethos Eat Drink, Smolt, The Source etc. Tasmania is a highly recommended destination for anyone with an Australian visa who is willing to experience the Tasmanian food haven