How To Send Someone You Love The Gift Of Travel

If You Care about Someone – Send Them Packing

Finding a gift for a friend’s birthday, anniversary, wedding or holiday season can be a major ordeal, especially if you’re either strapped for cash or have hunted high & low, yet nothing seems adequate.

A wedding registry can be an easier feat since the happy couple provides their wish list but maybe you’re veering into the idea of ordering off menu. Possibly a friend’s milestone birthday is cropping up and you have $150 to spend but this is the friend who has everything, so what can you buy that’s personal?  Alternatively, your folks are reaching their 40 th anniversary and the family is stumped, having conflicts about which gift is more appropriate between a duck artifact wall display and garden patio furniture. Finally, December may be a few months away but you know you’ll be rushing around like a headless chicken on the 23rd, eventually buying a gift you are certain the recipient will return. It’s a demoralising feeling, knowing they’ll be trading it for something else on the 26 th.

Searching for the best gift, at the right occasion, during the correct time is always an ongoing feat.  The repetition of frustration takes place multiple times a year, including the plan for a group gift. There’s always one coordinator who is burdened with paying out the funds and never fully recoups back all due cash.

In addition, only 70% of gift cards a year are redeemed while the other 30%  of the value sits in a wallet or back drawer, forgotten or unused. There’s no emotional value in buying a gift card and it’s a staccato, isolated experience. Once you’ve handed the gift card to the recipient, you have no idea if they spent it on a worthwhile present or sneakily re-gifted it to someone else. It can literally be cash down the drain.

With myTab online travel gift card, the days of buying the wrong gift or handing a ‘this is the best I could do’ gift card are over.  You can simply gift the recipient travel cash, from $10 to $5000 once or multiple times, so they can use it for a well deserved trip or pampering hotel staycation.  If you’re on a tight budget, you can also suggest to friends & family that they also gift travel cash to the recipient so now their travel pot grows, as you all chip in celebration money. Everyone adding $10 rapidly increases to enough cash for the celebrator to enjoy a local hotel overnight treat.

You can gift travel cash by signing into Facebook and finding your friends Facebook profile in ‘gift friends’ page or if you know their vanity username, you can give travel cash without signing in. Just type in their username i.e. and instantly give her cash through PayPal, as a PayPal user or credit card guest. This is a great surprise gift! If you’re asking for travel cash for your celebration or trip, you can create a myTab account and either post on Facebook or email specific recipients your vanity username e.g. My 50 th birthday is coming up and I know most of you have no idea what to buy me so I’ll make it easy.  Please put it on myTab so I can book my dream trip to Perth. Thank you!

The celebrator can then search myTab, choosing from thousands of flights and hotels, using any or all the funds to book. Once their travel is confirmed, they can post a message on Facebook, thanking everyone for chipping in, so the gifters now know they truly sent their friend or family member packing on a great trip or honeymoon.

Customers can also save travel cash on myTab for celebrations and wish list trips so any gifted cash will accumulate towards their fund. Taking crowd funding to a new level, the more that customers gift and add cash to their (and recipients) pot, myTab leverages the volume of money and negotiates exclusive deals with airlines and hotels.  They can either search myTab to book trips or simply sit back and let myTab broker an exclusive deal.  Any funds left over, they can use it towards their next trip or re-gift some or all of the cash to a myTab friend or family member.

Crowd funding for businesses and strangers objectives is now at a peak, yet personalised, celebration gifting travel cash between friends and family is an untapped market.  myTab not only brings emotion and value back to e-gift giving yet when you see your friend’s Facebook status photo on their trip, you know that your gifted cash helped them take the trip of a lifetime. 

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