Remaining Calm When Travel Disasters Strike

Sometimes, reality can intrude on that ‘dream vacation’, plunging you at the mercy of circumstances way beyond your control. One minute, you are giving yourself a pat on the back on how smoothly your travels are going, while the next has you wondering how you got yourself into such an impossible situation.

Provided that your travel disaster does not threaten your safety, the way that you respond to a disaster can make all the difference between your trip being ruined or the incident turning into one of those travel gems that will have you sharing and laughing over with family and friends for years to come.

Here are some tips that may help you remain calm and focused when a travel disaster strikes:

1) One step at a time: Accept your situation, remain patient and calm, and stay flexible. Your situation may change from hour to hour, so it’s important to think clearly and respond appropriately as the situation unfolds.

2) Be courteous: When things go wrong in your travels, be courteous to the people who are in a position to help you. This will make them more empathetic to your situation and make them try harder to accommodate you.

3) Stock up on basics: Always travel with a basic supply of paracetamols, antacids, throat lozenges, anti-diarrhea medication, tissues and a miniature bottle of sanitizing gel.

4) Remember to exercise: Rather than stewing about the predicament that you’re in, go for a brisk walk. Exercise reduces stress and nervous tension, muscle tension, and increases the production of endorphins, which creates a sense of wellbeing and natural relief from pain.

5) Watch your diet: A nourishing diet will help feed your state of mind as well as your body.  Try going for a sandwich, fresh fruit, yoghurt, and plenty of water, instead of chocolate, crisps, and soft drinks.

6) Check out local resources: If you are stuck in a place with plenty of time to spare, treat yourself to a ride through town on a tram, ferry, or a ‘Hop-on-hop-off’ bus. Ask the attendant at the airport or bus terminal, or your hotel concierge, for any suggestions.

7) Retain a sense of humor: Although the situation may not seem funny at the time, provided your safety is not at risk, you’ll have plenty to talk and laugh about when it’s all over. So do get things into perspective.

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