Testimonials: Losing Sight Of The Shore

“One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” − Andre Gide.

Losing Sight Of The Shore is one woman’s story told over 5 decades, a journal of thoughts, musings and ‘AHA’ moments from a highly experienced world traveler. Victoria Ugarte takes the reader into her confidence, spinning travel tales of resilience, hard lessons learnt, relationships, love and loss.

Reflecting on different stages of her life, Ugarte writes about her multicultural beginnings, the traumatic events that shaped her, and many adventures and misadventures from around the world.

The book is jam packed with useful travel tips and practical information on different cities and countries. Through humor and sensitive reflection, this book communicates the value of travel at any age, of losing sight of the shore in search of new territories, wherever that might be.

In Praise Of Losing Sight Of The Shore:

Marika Martinez, Director of Women’s Own Adventure:
“Victoria is an amazing storyteller. 
She lays bare her inner voice and shares with us her incredible travel tales that are brimming with emotions of sadness, joy and humor taking the reader along with her on the journey of self discovery, a journey that many of us can relate to in some way.
Having learned lessons on being culturally aware the hard way, Victoria shares with us the lessons she has learned along life’s journey in this very entertaining and thoughtfully written book.
This is a great read to take with you the next time you are in a plane, train or automobile. “ 

Cydney O’Sullivan, CEO of Millionaires Academy, 7 Times Best Selling Author, World Traveler, Marketing Strategist and Serial Entrepreneur:
“If travel to exotic locations is on your bucket list,  'Losing Sight Of The Shore' will surely make it happen sooner! If you love a good story, prepare to laugh and cry, be entertained and engaged. I could not put this book down. It brought tears to my eyes, and reminded me of so many times I’ve had to live through devastating challenges in my own life, and the people I’ve loved and lost along the way. Victoria's family became my family. She has lived all over the world and been faced with truly difficult choices, yet spun her experiences in life into a fabulous tale of an empowered woman bound by cultural expectations and making it work despite the odds. This book takes you on an incredible journey to the most exotic locations across the world savoring the delicacies, cultures, funny stories and sharing Victoria’s love of travel and her wondrous exploration of places and people. She has chosen a light touch in her story telling, covering a lifetime of travel and experience, without dwelling on the emotional hardships that would have stopped lesser mortals in their tracks. 
I found it to be a fast and engaging read, leaving me wanting to visit these incredible places that Victoria has been blessed to experience, and have my own adventures!  It left me wanting more and eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the life and times of this intrepid explorer. Enjoy!”

Annah Stretton, Fashion Entrepreneur, Director of  Stretton Group Ltd, Editor & Publisher of HER, PINK, & WHO’S Who Magazines (NZ):
“In my mind the success of any book would have to be that upon the completion of reading it the reader has in someway or at some level has been moved to pause and reflect on who they are or where they may be heading in life. 
With a clever mix of autobiographical reflections, quasi-intrepid journalism and personalized tour guide musings, Victoria successfully lures the reader into a refreshingly honest journey of global geographical and cultural exploration. The book lays an array of achievable pathway challenges for us to follow, breaking bucket lists open and forcing us to make 'future' travel plans become 'now' plans. Through the eyes of this ‘matrepid’ traveler (mature traveler to 'new' destinations), I learn not only of exciting new opportunities for global travel but I am also prompted to adopt a beautifully balanced attitude of fun and cultural respect.
There is no doubt that after reading this book we will all have sharpened the focus of our travel compass and know exactly where we are heading. Like me, I know you willI love not only learning more about our beautiful planet and the dynamic and diverse population it supports but also about this wonderful woman.   
Long may you all wander the less travelled pathways with warm hearts and open minds.”

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