Top 5 Tips To Protect Your Travel Booking

Imagine, you’ve been saving for months and finally your trip is here. You arrive at your destination, only to find it looks nothing like the website. We’ve all heard the stories, and too many of us have experienced it first hand - when travel bookings don’t go to plan.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of booking a trip, we sometimes forget about some of the most basic steps we can take to protect ourselves. 

Here are the five top tips to help protect your booking: 
  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it is: Do your homework to ensure you’re using a reputable supplier.  We’ve all heard of fantastic deals that are just not realistic. Talk to friends and family about their experiences and look for traveller reviews online through independent websites and social media. 
  2. Book through an accredited supplier: If using a travel agent, find out if they are ATAS accredited through the Australian Federation of Travel Agents, or look for other forms of accreditation.
  3. The way you pay matters: When booking online, use secure payment methods such as PayPal or use your credit card – you may be eligible for a chargeback if you don’t get what you pay for. 
  4. Use secure websites: Always check that the website is secure before handing over your details online. Look for basic security features, such as a padlock symbol and a website address starting with 'https://' on the payment page. 
  5. Travel insurance:  Consider comprehensive travel insurance. Make sure you read the fine print and find out what is and what isn’t covered by the policy.
For more information on protecting your booking - either online or through a travel agent, visit or play the Facebook game

If something doesn’t go as planned with your booking, you have a few options: 
  • Contact your travel agent for assistance
  • Seek support through the relevant accreditation scheme, if you used an accredited provider
  • If you booked with a credit card, contact your bank to seek a charge back
  • If you have an issue with an airline that participates in the Airline Customer Advocate (ACA) scheme, contact the ACA directly
Your state or territory consumer protection agency can also help you to understand your rights if you’re trying to resolve an issue with a business. 

With a bit of research and planning you should be able to embark on your next trip with peace of mind knowing that you’ve protected your booking.