Asia Tours: Maldives

The Maldives is officially known as the Republic of Maldives. It is an island nation in the Indian Ocean formed by a double chain of twenty-six atolls oriented north-south off India’s Lakshadweep islands. It stands in theLaccadive Sea, about 700 kilometres (430 mi) south-west of Sri Lanka and 400 kilometres (250 mi) south-west of India. The Maldives is the smallest Asian country in both population and land area. Located on top of  a vast submarine mountain range in the Indian Ocean, it has an average ground level of 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) above sea level, making it the planet's lowest country.
With the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, white sandy beaches, and warm and welcoming locals, The Maldives is known for its extraordinary romantic escapes.

Here are some great Maldives adventure tours that we have hand picked for you and highly recommend:

Maldives Dhoni Cruise

Highlights: White sands, blue skies and crystal clear waters—cruise the extraordinary islands of the Maldives by traditional Dhoni. Experience the turquoise lagoons and perfect beaches that make these islands famous. Learn the local way and dive the spectacular corals of the Indian Ocean. Every day offers relaxing sea breezes and countless photo opportunities. Indulge in this tropical paradise and feel good knowing this tour is both a great value and supports a model of sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism.

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