Travel Insurance: Why You Should Bother

 Western travelers are used to relying on their country’s public health system, and carry this sense of security and entitlement with them when traveling overseas. Many hold the belief that their governments will look after them if they get into trouble. What they fail to consider are the potential costs if things go wrong. 
The fact that I’m dedicating a separate section to travel insurance stresses the importance with which I take the issue of travel insurance. So why should you bother? In a nutshell, because more than your trip could be ruined by not getting the right kind of travel insurance.
Now that I've convinced you to have a look at your travel insurence - Flight insurance, trip cancellation insurance, baggage insurance, credit card coverage, medical insurance - where do you start? 
  1. Shop around and take the time to find the right product for the right price rather than choosing to fly without insurance altogether. Cheaper policies will have less cover, so you may have to weigh up if it’s worth the initial saving. 
  2. Your travel insurance should include medical cover for any injury or sudden illness abroad, 24 hour emergency service and assistance, and repatriation back to your country if necessary. 
  3. It should also cover personal liability should you be sued for damages or causing injury. 
  4. Your policy should cover lost and stolen possessions, as well as trip cancellation and curtailment cover. 
  5. If you’re into high adventure travel that exposes you to more than the standard travel risks (i.e. jet skiing, mountaineering, motorbike riding, etc.), then you will require extra cover. 
  6. A flight insurance which covers you for flight cancellations is the least necessary travel insurance available if your flight is a short, or inexpensive, one. However, an insurance that covers a trip/ tour cancellation is worth your while if you have invested $20,000 on the trip-of-a-lifetime.  
  7. Never assume that if your luggage is lost or stolen that you will get refunded the full value of its contents. You’d be lucky to receive a modest percentage. However, do enquire about "excess valuation" when you check in at the airport.  
  8. Your credit card company may already cover you for a lost or stolen card. Call your credit card provider’s toll-free number for guidance so that you know where you stand. 
  9. Always find out what your government procedures are for the replacement of a lost or stolen passport in a foreign country prior to your travels, and before taking out insurance on it. 

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