The Truth About Travel Insurance & Pre-Existing Conditions

Contrary to what most people think, the question of Travel Insurance & Pre-Existing Conditions does not only affect senior travelers. It affects any traveler with a sickness, injury or medical condition where symptoms were felt and treatment was sought or received for the particular condition prior to applying for the travel insurance. The infuriating part is that most travel insurance claim adjusters don’t have to be particularly insightful to find something in your past medical history to give the insurance company an excuse to turn down your claim. 

Frustrating? Yes, it can be. However, all is not lost. 

Read on and see what you can do to help your cause:

1) Apply for travel insurance as far in advance of your trip as you can. If you happen to be turned down by one company, you’ll have time to look at other insurance companies.  

2) It pays to shop around. Some insurance companies will refuse to cover someone with a pre-existing condition while others will accept them under certain circumstances. For example, if your condition has remained stable for a certain period of time (usually a number of months), the company may agree to extend coverage. The insurer may also provide coverage if the applicant provides confirmation (either written or verbal) from their doctor that they are well enough to travel. 

3) If you apply for travel insurance and the company refuses to provide coverage, be sure to ask why you were turned down. It's possible the insurance company made an error when it processed your application.

4) If your claim has been denied, ask an insurance company again. On appeal, more than 90 percent of travel insurance denials are overturned in the insurer’s favor. 

Other Insurance Tips:
  • Purchasing travel insurance coverage from your current insurance provider may be easier, faster and less expensive than buying an entirely new, separate policy to cover you during your travels abroad. Additionally, your current provider may apply any portion of your satisfied deductible to any medical expenses you incur while abroad.
  • While it may be convenient to get your travel insurance from your travel agent when you book your trip, the internet has made it a lot easier to find information. Do your homework, get informed, and get yourself the best possible deal.
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