The Online Travel Shop

When you are planning an overseas trip, shopping can be one of those time consuming activities that add unnecessary stress. Running around to various shops, searching for items stores don’t have in stock, knowing where to go for the best quality … it all eats into your precious time.

The answer is here: Your one-stop online travel shop.

We’ve done our research and found the best range of travel products and accessories. Quality is guaranteed and you will find absolutely everything you need. Just a few clicks and your items will be delivered to your door. So you can focus on getting organised before you leave – and save the fun aspects of shopping for your destinations!

If you have particular questions about what is best to take on your trip, please contact us here via email. We’re happy to provide advice based on the specifics of your trip.

Travel Books

Want to get a taste for your destination? The Explore My World Travel range of travel books will whet your appetite for adventure and also provide a great reading companion for the road. Written in a personal and engaging style, these travel books entertain as well as inform.

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