5 Easy Steps on How To Pack For Travel
by Victoria Ugarte

What to pack for travel seems to be every womanʼs dilemma. We have the habit of picturing every possible scenario and adding another item of clothing for those “just-incase” situations. Our luggage ends up bursting at the seams before we have even left home, causing us unnecessary stress about overweight charges at the airport check-in and having to struggle with heavy luggage on the trip. With some packing discipline and practice, one need never go through this again.

1) Write a packing list of your key clothing items and stick to it.

Each piece must coordinate with all the other pieces at least 3 ways and earn their space.

My packing list looks something like this:
  • 2 skirts,1 Black & straight style, 1 longer & fuller style
  • 4 short sleeved or long sleeved T-shirts in Black and White
  • 3 singlets or camisoles in Black and White
  • 1 pair of classical Black trousers
  • 1 pair of Blue Jeans
  • 1 classic knit evening dress
  • 2 cardigans, 1 Black and another neutral tone
  • 2 scarves to add color to your travel wardrobe
  • 1 pashmina to use on flight and over evening dress
  • 3 pairs shoes maximum: 1 for heavy duty walking, 1 for everyday, 1 for evening

2) Lay your pieces out on your bed.

Lay a White sheet over your bed and lay out all your key clothing pieces on top of it. This is a great way to see if all your pieces work well together. This is particularly good when you are trying to work out which shoes to bring and which accessories to include.

3) Condense your color palette down to 3 colors.

I like to use a monochromatic color palette like Black and White, with a third highlight color like Red or Cobalt Blue. This ensures that all pieces in my travel wardrobe coordinate. One can also work effectively with palettes of Greys or Browns, if they are the tones that suit you.

4) Take only easy care fabrics in your travel wardrobe.

Easy care fabrics such as knits and/or synthetic blends mean less ironing and easy wash-and-wear on your journey. Leave your cotton or linen pieces back home as they are harder to maintain and keep looking fresh.

5) Plan your travel wardrobe and pack ahead of time.

Planning your travel wardrobe and packing at least 2 days prior to your trip means a better coordinated wardrobe and less impulsive choices. Avoid packing the night before, or heaven forbid the day of departure. The likelihood of taking unnecessary pieces or forgetting something important increases. Taking the time to plan your travel wardrobe leads to less stress on the day of departure and throughout your journey, and creates room for some beautiful purchases along the

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