How To Gain One’s Perspective Through Travel

After a week in Mexico, you’d think that I would have started to unwind. And yet I was still tired and stressed from all my activity in Sydney; my mind was like a car engine that was still running hot, even after the motor had been turned off. I had hosted back-to-back functions right up to the evening before our departure, coordinating venues, chasing attendances and payments, confirming guest speakers and making lists in my head when I should have been getting some sleep. 

Being such a frequent traveler, why didn't I follow my own advise and not start to wind down just prior to the trip? The only explanation I can give is that it is easier to lose perspective when one is too close to a situation, and it is in stepping away from ones normal routine that one can see where one is at with fresh eyes.

One of the major benefits of travel for me is that it offers plenty of opportunities to silence the mind, that proverbial monkey in our brain that can go around and around in circles ad infinitum. I find it much easier to silence my mind as I'm trekking through a glorious countryside or enjoying a beautiful sunset than sitting behind my desk. Silencing the mind, which is underrated in today's fast paced world, encourages our intuitive capacity, allowing us to reach new levels of awareness and insight.

My pivotal moment in Mexico came as I was gazing at the sun rising from behind the majestic mountains in Tepoztlan. I realized that I was not honoring myself by overloading myself with functions and events. In fact, my "busyness"  was keeping me from doing what I really loved, which was writing. I also became aware of how out of balance I had become, with my daily activities concentrating around my "head" and not being properly grounded in my body with physical exercise. My shoulder and neck muscles were knotted and screaming for recognition!

I was able to anchor my thoughts beautifully by sitting in silence for about 30 minutes, and afterwards, recording my insights in a journal. But it was when I shared my thoughts with my husband afterwards that my experience formed the beginning of a gradual unfolding. For me, this meant finding a practical solution to my problem and gaining valuable support in changing my life direction.

So here I am, starting my day with another Networking Breakfast at 7:30 AM. The difference this time was that it was not one that I had organized, allowing me to sit back and enjoy it, gaining so much more from the speaker and the other guests that attended. By 10:00 AM, I swapped my Black Corporate Suit for my Red Tracksuit and a Pilates class, followed by a balanced lunch of Rice and Vegetables. One balanced off the other, which, for me, meant more time and energy afterwards to be creative.

Feeling stressed? Here are the steps that will help you gain your perspective during your travels:
  • Find a quiet and inspiring place.
  • Have a seat. Make sure that you are comfortable; not too hot, not too cold.
  • Sit in silence. Focus on your breathing. Remember to be in the moment, gently pushing any other thoughts or worries aside. Drink in the beauty of your environment.
  • Have a journal next to you, so that you can record any insights that may drop in spontaneously.
  • Share your insights with someone who will not judge you; perhaps another good friend or your partner. If you are alone, then you may want to write to someone back home.

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