Press Release: The World is a Cultural Mine Field for Women Travelers

Victoria Ugarte, author of "Culture Savvy For Women",  strongly believes that it is vital for women to educate themselves on the culturally correct behavior of their host country prior to their travels.

Victoria says, "The biggest challenge for women who travel on their own, whether for business or for pleasure, has always been the cultural divide; women are far more affected by cultural differences than their male counterparts. And with nearly half of Western travelers being women *, it is more important than ever to become educated in the culturally correct behavior of their host country, thus preempting any potential cultural faux pas." * Statistics taken from Tourism Research Australia's National Visitor Survey in 2010, 48% of the Australian traveler demographics are women. This figure includes those traveling domestically and overseas.

Born and raised in the Philippines to parents of European heritage, Victoria Ugarte grew up in a household frequented by foreign dignitaries, expatriates and their families, giving Victoria an appreciation for the world's cultural diversity early in her life. Through her book, "Culture Savvy For Women" she taps into her childhood experiences, along with 25 years of traveling the world for the Australian fashion industry, to give accurate and first hand information on the social mores of over 30 nations around the world - from dining and dressing etiquette to appropriate behavior and conversation taboos - enabling women to experience the joys of embracing the world's diversity and empower them to travel with confidence and safety.

Annah Stretton, Director of Stretton Group Ltd, Editor & Publisher of "Her", "Pink", & "Who's Who" Magazines (NZ), called "Culture Savvy For Women", "a truly a fascinating read." Stretton says, "Each chapter begins with a potted history of the nation - a great introduction or refresher, depending on how much attention you were paying in history class. This enables the traveler to appreciate her surroundings fully before diving in to engage in conversation, gift giving and dining whilst observing the correct etiquette, additionally safe in the knowledge of how to circumvent local taboos. And if one does blunder into unfriendly territory, what safety precautions might come in handy. Don't leave home without reading this entertaining and informative guide, and the world is truly your oyster." 
"Culture Savvy For Women: A Complete Guide To Culturally Correct Behavior Around The World" is available on

Based in Sydney, Australia, Victoria Ugarte has written other books, also available on Amazon,com, including "Travel Bible For Women: A Complete Guide To Safe & Smart Travel". She is the founder of, the one-stop-shop for the passionate traveler.

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