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portugalThe capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, is like the cup of espresso enjoyed after a Portuguese meal: small, but full of flavor!

The city surely delights in the details. Whether that be the finely wrought iconic Portuguese dessert of the Pastel de Nata…

Portugal…or the striking tiles found throughout the city,

or even the art found in an unassuming plaza…

…there are plenty of opportunities to stop and stare in wonder.

Lisbon serves as a home base to explore other wonders of Portugal, as well!

Drive south through the beautiful countryside for about 2 ½ hours and you will find yourself in the beach region of Algarve.

portugal-pastryThe dramatic cliffs and blue, blue waters make it an enjoyable place to soak up some sun and try a traditional beach treat–the sugar-dusted “bolas de berlim.”

Or, if you choose to head north from Lisbon instead, an hour on the train will take you to the enchanting mountain town of Sintra.

Here, you can walk through whimsical castles (like Pena Palace)

or stroll through shaded streets to your heart’s content.

So as you can see, Lisbon and the surrounding cities of Portugal may be small, but they have enough heart–and color–for anyone who wants to take part.

portugal-tiles portugal-art portugal-beach portugal-beach-food

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