Brazil Tourism

Brazil Tourism information

Brazil Tourism information

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Santa Marta favela community in Zona Sul (South Zone), has begun to prepare for the expected arrival of tourists this August, when Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympics. A new tourist information post was opened in the community yesterday (May 10th) to help orientate…
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Porto Tourism

Porto Tourism

Seemingly hewn out of granite near the mouth of the River Douro, Portugal s second city, known locally as Porto, dazzles with a rich collection of cultural attractions. Porto s historical heart is the Ribeira. This waterfront bairro positively insists you lose yourself amongst the maze of narrow streets and seek out some of the city s most cherished architectural treasures…

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Lisbon Tourism office

Lisbon Tourism office

Pickpockets in Lisbon Although Lisbon is not in the same league as Barcelona for pickpocketing, with the port city in Spain having a staggering daily average of around 300 pickpocketing cases a day, the problem is still acute and remains largely unaddressed by the authorities. I write with some authority on the subject having been robbed in the Portuguese capital in the summer…

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Brazil official Tourism website

Brazil official Tourism website

During the 1600’s, Rio became a convenient port for the transport of gold and precious stones. For this reason, the colonial administration was moved to the area in 1763 from Salvador. In 1808, the city saw an influx of Portuguese royal family and associated Lisbon nobles, who were escaping the Napoleonic invasion in their homeland. These ones ousted those who were occupying…

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Luxury Resorts in Portugal

Luxury Resorts in Portugal

Known for its cork trees and rolling plains, the stunning region of Alentejo offers visitors a genuine sense of Portuguese rural life. The southerly Algarve is Portugal’s sand-flanked footnote. An ever-mild climate and broad beaches lined with shallow bays make it the country’s postergirl for seaside family holidays, with a smattering of surfers attracted by its Atlantic rollers…

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