Best Time Visit Brazil

Brazil sites to visit

Brazil sites to visit

When I think of a vacation in Brazil, my mind immediately springs to the stunning city of Rio de Janeiro, but the truth is that the country has so much more to offer than just a single metropolis. In fact, the southern tip of Brazil is highly popular with the inhabitants of neighboring Latin American countries, boasting many an attraction: both natural and man-made. From incredible…

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Brazil tickets cheap

Brazil tickets cheap

Our airfare search engine page is designed to help you find cheap tickets to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. We re different than most other international travel web sites, as we offer you the ability to search several well known travel sites to compare and find cheap flights to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, and anywhere else in the world. We ve compiled a list and links to the top discount…

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Visiting Brazil from US

Visiting Brazil from US

So I was born in Brazil and have lived in California for more than 20 years. I am often asked about travel in Brazil by my American friends. This post is meant to collect helpful information. How many days I need to visit Brazil? Where to go? Most people find surprising to learn that Brazil is larger than the continental US. So there is no way to “visit Brazil” in a few days…

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