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Explore My World Travel is dedicated to passionate travellers, who love to get out and explore the world. It’s for those of us who want to travel in a way that steers clear of the well beaten tourist paths and opens up authentic, cultural travel experiences.

This is your one-stop-shop where you can read, download, purchase and book everything you need to create an amazing travel experience. If you have particular questions we invite you to get in touch via email. Enjoy the site and most of all, enjoy all of your world travel adventures.

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Travel Books

Fun & easy to read, our range of travel books are designed to dig a little deeper & provide those extra bits of inside knowledge that make all the difference.

Losing Sight of the Shore

A Traveler's Odyssey into the Past and Return to the Present

Culture Savvy
for Women

A Complete Guide To Culturally Correct behavior Around The World

The Travel Bible
For Women

A Complete Guide to Safe & Smart Travel

A Foodie & Fashionista's Guide To London

New Release For London 2012!


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