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Air temperatures Florianopolis brazilFlorianopolis is a south Brazilian travel destination in Santa Catarina Island that is 710 miles/1140 Kms away from Rio de Janeiro, 438 miles/705 Kms away from Sao Paulo and 296 miles/490 Km away from Porto Alegre and Argentine (land distances).

Florianopolis is magnificent place for sailing, surfing, diving, playing golf or just to relax.

For those interested in beach life and looking for high temperatures, December to March (the high season) is a good time to visit Florianópolis. Unless you are a surf fan, do not go during the Brazilian winter (June to September). That’s the worst period to visit Santa Catarina (the state to which Florianópolis belongs).

Pay attention to the disadvantages of the high season: from the week before Christmas until Carnival (which may fall in February or early March). Flights and accommodation will be more expensive (book ahead of time…) and expect crowds and traffic jams to the beaches.

Brazilian summer (December to March) is the rainiest period, but rainfalls are typically of short duration and will not ruin your holidays. Expect temperatures above the mid-twenties (Celsius), that is, around 77ºF or more, and average sea water temperatures around 78ºF/25, 5ºC.

Humidity levels Florianopolis Avoid the winter period (June, July, August, September), when air temperatures drop to 62ºF/17ºC (average temperature) or less and humidity levels are higher and sea water temperatures are also lower: July to September: 65ºF/19ºC.

If you are looking for animation and festivals, consider the Réveillon (New Year's) and the Carnival periods.

In March you have festivals in San José, a nearby city. In October (and January and February) you may also enjoy the Octoberfest and its sequels in Blumenau (93 miles, 150 Kms).

For details and tips on weather issues, consider the graphs below.


Average air temperatures (Celsius): Florianópolis, Blumenau, Curitiba
Source:, Gráficos climatológicos (1961-1990)

Humidity levels: Florianópolis, Blumenau, Curitiba

Florianópolis, Blumenau, Curitiba: monthly rainfall levels (mm)

Florianópolis & Google Map

Florianopolis airport
Hercilio Luz (FLN) is 4 miles/6km away from the city. There are taxis and buses every few minutes. An alternative airport exists in Curitiba.

Travel attractions nearby
Curitiba, Blumenau, Vila Velha: often associated to Iguassu Falls in multi-destinations travels in the south of Brazil.
Florianopolis Travel attractions: windsurfing, swimming, sailing, diving, golf, shopping, animation.

Costao do Santinho, some miles away from Florianopolis, is a good reference in the 5-star resorts. In the town there are many options in the low-medium priced hotels.

Alternative airport: Curitiba

Transfers airport to/from Florianopolis
Taxis and buses every few minutes.

See, for more detailed information:
Florianopolis travel and tours

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